Spread the Love: NOIC Academy Food Drive

Last week in the gym, our students came together with great enthusiasm to donate to our Food Drive, collaborating with Councillor Isa Lee. We captured these wonderful moments, showcasing the joy and eagerness of our students to make a difference. All food collected will be delivering to Markham Food Drive.

The Food Drive continues, and we invite everyone to keep the momentum going. Your small steps can make a big impact!

📅 Dates: April 8- May 22, 2024 (Weekdays Only)
🕘 Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
🏫 Drop-off Location: NOIC Academy, left side of the Main Entrance
📍 Address: 50 Featherstone Ave, Markham, L3S 2H4, Canada

Let’s keep the spirit of giving alive! Your kindness can change lives.
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Social Etiquette Workshop at NOIC Academy

Last week at NOIC Academy, our Director of Marketing & Student Engagement, Agnes Poon, led a transformative Social Skills Workshop in our library.

The session focused on honing essential social skills, grooming, and mastering table manners, all of which are crucial for both academic and professional success. The learning didn’t stop there! After the workshop, our students put their new etiquette and grooming skills to the test during a lunch at Joey, impressing everyone with their polished manners and boosted confidence.

A big thank you to Agnes for her expert guidance and to all the students who participated with enthusiasm. Together, we’re preparing well-mannered, confident leaders for the future.

#lifeskills #socialetiquette #NOICAcademy #futureleaders

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Celebrating the Success of “A Rose Through Time” by Essie XIE

As the curtains closed on “A Rose Through Time”, we are filled with gratitude and awe at the incredible journey we embarked upon together. Last Friday, NOIC Academy was alight with the vibrant energy of Essie XIE’s art exhibition, marking a significant milestone in our talented Grade 12 IB program student’s artistic journey.

🎨 Exhibition Highlights:

Maiden’s Dream: A vivid exploration of youthful love’s allure and illusions, masterfully combining acrylic and watercolor to delve into the rose’s romantic yet complex symbolism.

Manacle: A poignant critique of conformity within traditional education, expressed through watercolor and pen, urging viewers to reflect on individuality and freedom of thought.

Metamorphosis: Representing personal evolution through the lifecycle of a rose, crafted from cut wood bark and paper. This piece invites contemplation on change, sustainability, and the natural beauty of transformation.

The Painful Bloom: Addressing the trials of personal growth against challenges, this artwork uses diverse mediums to contrast the purity of a white rose with the artist’s own experiences of pain and resilience.

Behind the Veil: A compelling commentary on the impact of media on beauty standards, utilizing magazine collage, yarn, and tulle to challenge societal norms and encourage self-reflection. Essie shares,

“Roses are my favourite flower, embodying both beauty and the potential for pain. Like the rose, I am unapologetic in my essence, embracing both light and shadow in my growth.” A Rose Through Time may have concluded, but the conversations it started, the emotions it stirred, and the community it brought together will continue to bloom in our hearts. Thank you to everyone who made last Friday not just an exhibition but a celebration of art’s enduring impact.

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Exciting Event at NOIC Academy: Jonathan’s Visit

On February 26, 2024, NOIC Academy was honored to host Jonathan, our esteemed Advisory Board member and former Vice Provost for Enrollment at Cornell University. It was a day filled with insights, learning, and unparalleled experiences for our students. Here’s a snapshot of the day:

Insightful Sharing: Jonathan opened the event by sharing essential tips on Ivy League interviews, emphasizing the crucial importance of soft/social skills alongside academic achievements.

One-on-One Interviews: Our students had the incredible opportunity to experience personalized interviews with Jonathan, gaining firsthand knowledge and valuable feedback to navigate their future academic journeys.

Panel Interview Role Play: The highlight was our students stepping into the shoes of interviewers in a role-playing session with Jonathan as the interviewee. This unique perspective not only enhanced their understanding of the interview process but also honed their interpersonal skills.

The day was not just about learning; it was about transforming perspectives and empowering our students to envision a future filled with success and achievements. We’re immensely grateful to Jonathan for sharing his expertise and to our students for embracing this learning opportunity with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Thank you to everyone who made this event a milestone in the academic year of NOIC Academy.

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A Celebration of Innovation and Discovery at NOIC Academy’s First Science and Math Exhibition!

We are thrilled to announce the resounding success of our very first Science and Math Exhibition at NOIC Academy! With an incredible turnout of 29 different groups, our students showcased their passion for learning and innovation across subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science.

🔬 From mesmerizing experiments captured in videos to interactive real-time projects that allowed the audience to dive in hands-on, the range of creativity and ingenuity on display was truly inspiring. Attendees not only witnessed the marvels of science and math but also got to experience the joy of discovery themselves.

🎮 But that’s not all! Our talented students also developed engaging games, coding them from scratch, offering everyone a chance to experience the fun side of learning. These games were not just entertaining but also a testament to our students’ skills in applying their knowledge in computer science to create something enjoyable for all.

This event was a fantastic opportunity for our students to present their projects, share their knowledge, and interact with an enthusiastic audience. We are immensely proud of the hard work, dedication, and creativity they have demonstrated.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated, supported, and visited the exhibition. Your involvement made this event a landmark in our academy’s journey towards fostering a love for science and math. This is just the beginning, and we look forward to exploring more horizons of learning together!

🚀 Stay tuned for more updates and discoveries from NOIC Academy, where innovation meets education.

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Creativity Meets Sustainability: NOIC Academy’s Eco-Friendly Hat Competition!

We’ve witnessed an explosion of creativity and environmental advocacy at our recent hat competition, where NOIC Academy students turned recyclable materials into fashion statements with a cause.

Highlighted projects included:

The Turtle-Themed Hat: Addressing ocean pollution, this creation underscored the importance of preserving marine ecosystems, presenting a compelling visual reminder of the threats faced by marine life due to pollution.

The Fast-Food Waste Statement: This design utilized discarded fast-food packaging to critique consumer culture and its environmental repercussions, offering a stylish yet stark commentary on waste reduction.

The Deforestation Awareness Hat: With a focus on the critical issue of deforestation, this hat emphasized the essential role of trees in maintaining ecological balance, advocating for conservation efforts.

The competition showcased NOIC Academy students’ ability to inspire change through creativity, reflecting the school’s emphasis on practical learning experiences that foster environmental awareness. We congratulate all participants for their exemplary work and for embodying the spirit of innovation that NOIC Academy strives to cultivate.

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Harvard Model Congress San Francisco Youth Leadership Program Concludes Successfully

From February 1st to 3rd, 2024, students from NOIC Academy participated in the Harvard Model Congress San Francisco Youth Leadership Program, a three-day event focused on leadership activities, situational problem-solving, and teamwork. This event was not only an academic exploration but also a splendid opportunity for students to unearth and discover their potential.

Over these three days, students engaged in intensive leadership training, delving into the pressing challenges facing the world today and learning how to collaborate to produce innovative solutions.

This program provided students with a platform to deeply understand the composition of business plans, enabling them to apply creative thinking to business strategies from theory to practice. In addition to the core curriculum, instructors also shared insights on Ivy League university admissions and applications, along with their personal leadership experiences and stories.

Participating in the Harvard Model Congress program, NOIC students not only improved their speaking, research, and teamwork skills but importantly learned how to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical situations, lead within teams, and prepare for their future academic and career paths.

The Harvard Model Congress program was a resounding success. It not only enhanced the students’ various skills but also strengthened their confidence in future learning and career planning. We are proud of their achievements and look forward to their continued brilliance in the future.

NOIC Academy will continue to support our students in participating in such activities because we believe that real learning occurs not only in the classroom but through the challenges and growth experienced in real-world practices.

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Unwrapping the delightful memories of our Christmas gathering

From infectious laughter to touching musical performances and exciting lucky draws, here’s a glimpse into the festive merriment we all experienced.

A sincere appreciation to all of you for crafting this unforgettable celebration. Special thanks to our emcee and the heroes behind the scenes who made this event a success. Your presence truly lit up our holiday season, and we’re deeply grateful for the warmth and joy you shared. Here’s to a fantastic new year ahead for everyone!

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NOIC Academy Welcomes new advisory board member Jonathan Burdick

NOIC Academy is pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Jonathan Burdick as a new member of NOIC Academy’s Advisory Board, effective September 1st.

Jonathan has led admissions at three USA universities: his alma mater, USC; the University of Rochester; and most recently as Vice Provost for Enrollment at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. His increasing priority since 2004 has been championing opportunities and mobility for international students, which led to his recognition by peers in the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) as annual award winner for “Inclusion, Access, and Success.”

Jonathan has also served in formal advisory capacities for the International Baccalaureate Organization, ETS, College Board, Raise.me. and the Council of International Schools, has addressed hundreds of conference audiences worldwide as a guest speaker, and has routinely contributed insight to podcasts and publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall St. Journal, Forbes, the Chronicle of Higher Education, NPR, and US News and World Report.

Jonathan comes to NOIC with over 38 years of leadership experience in university admissions. His insights in student counseling will be invaluable to not only the Advisory Board, but to all of us at NOIC Academy. Please join me in welcoming Jonathan to our organization.

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The 2023 University Roundtable, organized by the IB (International Baccalaureate) organization and NOIC Academy, successfully launched in Toronto

On July 26th, the 2023 University Roundtable came to a successful conclusion in downtown Toronto.

During this forum, various topics related to academic recognition, educational technology, and educational equity were discussed by esteemed guests, including Jonathan Burdick – Vice Provost for Enrollment(Retired) at Cornell University, Kimberly Merritt-Vice President of Learning Enterprise at Arizona State University, Tamara Siler- Deputy director of Admission at Rice University, Dan Seneker- Student recruitment & Retention director at Bishop’s University and Paul Campbell- the IB Regional Development & Outreach and Blake Spahn-The Dwight School Vice Chancellor and other VIP guests.

Jonathan Burdick – Vice Provost for Enrollment(Retired) at Cornell University addressed a keynote speech during the forum.

As a warm-up event for the 2023 IB Global Conference, this University Roundtable, sponsored by NOIC Academy, brought together numerous world-renowned education experts in Toronto. The forum provided a rare opportunity for face-to-face exchanges and collisions between the IB organization, IB high schools, and top universities after the covid-19 pandemic. The successful convening of such a conference can be considered a rare “event” in the education community all around the world! Let us once again congratulate the successful hosting of the 2023 University Roundtable!

Highlights of the 2023 University Roundtable, Part 1

Sponsor Introduction:

Jeffrey Beard, Chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory board and former Director General of the IB (2006 -2014), specially hosted the 2023 University Roundtable. Directors from universities such as the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, York University, as well as IB school representatives, NOIC Academy management consultants. Ms. Ann Puntis, Management Advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2005-2013), and Ms. Helen Pennant, Director of Cambridge Trust, both participated in the forum’s discussions.

Highlights of the 2023 University Roundtable, Part 2

The event in progress:

Marie Vivas, IB Senior Outreach & Development Manager (left), and Dan Seneker, Director of Student Recruitment & Retention at Bishop’s University (right), as keynote speakers at 1st session of the event.

Jonathan Burdick – Vice Provost for Enrollment (Retired) at Cornell University, showed great interest in the forum’s topics.

Ann Puntis, Management Advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2005-2013), posed questions to the keynote speakers.

Jeffrey Beard, Chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory Board and Ann Puntis, Management Advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2005-2013), exchanged ideas with Kimberly Merritt, Vice President- Learning Enterprise at Arizona State University.

Kimberly Merritt, Vice President-Learning Enterprise at Arizona State University, showcased how ASU developed and utilized teaching resources during the covid-19 pandemic.

Roy, CEO & President of NOIC Academy, delivered the keynote speech on behalf of the event sponsor.

Blake Spahn, Vice Chancellor at the Dwight Global, delivered a keynote speech.

Tamara Siler, Deputy Director of Admission, Access and Inclusion at Rice University, and Jonathan Burdick – Vice Provost for Enrollment (Retired) at Cornell University jointly delivered a keynote speech.

Under the active participation and organization of Claire, the Executive Director of NOIC academy, NOIC academy advisory board member Ezio Crescenzi, Principal Laura Green, Vice Principal Leo, and colleagues from various departments of NOIC Academy in Toronto, the 2023 University Roundtable officially landed! More details about this event will be reported in the future.

Stay tuned, as the excitement from NOIC continues!

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