NOIC Academy Welcomes new advisory board member Jonathan Burdick

NOIC Academy is pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Jonathan Burdick as a new member of NOIC Academy’s Advisory Board, effective September 1st.

Jonathan has led admissions at three USA universities: his alma mater, USC; the University of Rochester; and most recently as Vice Provost for Enrollment at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. His increasing priority since 2004 has been championing opportunities and mobility for international students, which led to his recognition by peers in the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) as annual award winner for “Inclusion, Access, and Success.”

Jonathan has also served in formal advisory capacities for the International Baccalaureate Organization, ETS, College Board, and the Council of International Schools, has addressed hundreds of conference audiences worldwide as a guest speaker, and has routinely contributed insight to podcasts and publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall St. Journal, Forbes, the Chronicle of Higher Education, NPR, and US News and World Report.

Jonathan comes to NOIC with over 38 years of leadership experience in university admissions. His insights in student counseling will be invaluable to not only the Advisory Board, but to all of us at NOIC Academy. Please join me in welcoming Jonathan to our organization.

The 2023 University Roundtable, organized by the IB (International Baccalaureate) organization and NOIC Academy, successfully launched in Toronto.

On July 26th, the 2023 University Roundtable came to a successful conclusion in downtown Toronto.

During this forum, various topics related to academic recognition, educational technology, and educational equity were discussed by esteemed guests, including Jonathan Burdick – Vice Provost for Enrollment(Retired) at Cornell University, Kimberly Merritt-Vice President of Learning Enterprise at Arizona State University, Tamara Siler- Deputy director of Admission at Rice University, Dan Seneker- Student recruitment & Retention director at Bishop’s University and Paul Campbell- the IB Regional Development & Outreach and Blake Spahn-The Dwight School Vice Chancellor and other VIP guests.

Jonathan Burdick – Vice Provost for Enrollment(Retired) at Cornell University addressed a keynote speech during the forum.

As a warm-up event for the 2023 IB Global Conference, this University Roundtable, sponsored by NOIC Academy, brought together numerous world-renowned education experts in Toronto. The forum provided a rare opportunity for face-to-face exchanges and collisions between the IB organization, IB high schools, and top universities after the covid-19 pandemic. The successful convening of such a conference can be considered a rare “event” in the education community all around the world! Let us once again congratulate the successful hosting of the 2023 University Roundtable!

Highlights of the 2023 University Roundtable, Part 1

Sponsor Introduction:

Jeffrey Beard, Chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory board and former Director General of the IB (2006 -2014), specially hosted the 2023 University Roundtable. Directors from universities such as the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, York University, as well as IB school representatives, NOIC Academy management consultants. Ms. Ann Puntis, Management Advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2005-2013), and Ms. Helen Pennant, Director of Cambridge Trust, both participated in the forum’s discussions.

Highlights of the 2023 University Roundtable, Part 2

The event in progress:

Marie Vivas, IB Senior Outreach & Development Manager (left), and Dan Seneker, Director of Student Recruitment & Retention at Bishop’s University (right), as keynote speakers at 1st session of the event.

Jonathan Burdick – Vice Provost for Enrollment (Retired) at Cornell University, showed great interest in the forum’s topics.

Ann Puntis, Management Advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2005-2013), posed questions to the keynote speakers.

Jeffrey Beard, Chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory Board and Ann Puntis, Management Advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2005-2013), exchanged ideas with Kimberly Merritt, Vice President- Learning Enterprise at Arizona State University.

Kimberly Merritt, Vice President-Learning Enterprise at Arizona State University, showcased how ASU developed and utilized teaching resources during the covid-19 pandemic.

Roy, CEO & President of NOIC Academy, delivered the keynote speech on behalf of the event sponsor.

Blake Spahn, Vice Chancellor at the Dwight Global, delivered a keynote speech.

Tamara Siler, Deputy Director of Admission, Access and Inclusion at Rice University, and Jonathan Burdick – Vice Provost for Enrollment (Retired) at Cornell University jointly delivered a keynote speech.

Under the active participation and organization of Claire, the Executive Director of NOIC academy, NOIC academy advisory board member Ezio Crescenzi, Principal Laura Green, Vice Principal Leo, and colleagues from various departments of NOIC Academy in Toronto, the 2023 University Roundtable officially landed! More details about this event will be reported in the future.

Stay tuned, as the excitement from NOIC continues!

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Splendid experience!Class of 2023 Canada’s wonderland graduation fieldtrip recap

On June 9, together with NOIC’s Principal Ms. Laura Green, the 2023 summer graduates (Class of 2023) visited the famous Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto for an exciting graduation trip. Although it’s a rainy day, the sporadic light rain still did not stop the passion of the graduates…

Canada’s Wonderland


Happy wonderland day!

Talking about roll coaster,do you know the difference of roller coasters between each countries?

Answer from one NOIC graduate:“Of course there is no difference!

Roller coaster day




Lovely me and the mascot

World national flag street

“I can stop smiling when I think about graduation once!”

/ Don’t walk away,the fantasy of NOIC to be continued……


NOIC Academy 


2023 NOIC Graduation Ceremony Recap

On June 8, the NOIC 2023 Graduation Ceremony came to a successful conclusion. At the graduation ceremony, Mr. Jeffrey Beard, former Global Director-General of the International Baccalaureate Organization (2006-2014) and Chairman of the NOIC Advisory Board, Ms. Ann Puntis, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2005-2013) and NOIC management advisor, and Tony Little, former headmaster of Eton College (2002-2015) and member of the NOIC Advisory Board sent valuable video greetings to all the graduates.

Before the graduation ceremony recap, Let’s take a look at the graduate statistics this year:

100% of graduates from the Class of 2023 were admitted to top universities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries around the world;

Among them, some have been admitted to the top 10 universities in the world, including Imperial College London ICL (ranked 6th globally in 2023 QS), and UCL (ranked 8th globally in 2023 QS, one of the G5 universities in the UK).

At the same time, many graduates also received offers from the University of Hong Kong (ranked 21st globally in 2023 QS), the University of Edinburgh (ranked 15th globally in 2023QS), King’s College London (ranked 37th globally in 2023 QS), and the University of Manchester (ranked 28th globally in 2023 QS) and other top universities in the world;

In the past 7 years, the admission rate of NOIC graduates to the University of Toronto was as high as 84.4%;

On average, more than 75% of the graduates have received university scholarships;

The Class of 2023 received an average of 7.5 university offers per graduate…

Congratulations to all graduates!

Video greetings from NOIC advisory board


Jeffrey Beard

Chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former Director General of IBO (2006 -2014)


Tony Little

Member of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former Head Master of Eton College (2002-2015)

03   Ann Puntis

Management Advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2005-2013)


2023 Graduation Ceremony

In the pleasant conversation between Principal Laura Green and the credit course teacher, the graduation ceremony is about to kick off


Ms. Laura Green, the principal of NOIC Academy, addressing a speech to all the graduates

Mr. Peter Yuen, member of the NOIC Academy Advisory Board and former Deputy Chief of the Toronto Police, sharing a valuable speech to the graduates with his 35 years of management experience in the Toronto Police Department

Roy Huang, Executive President of NOIC Academy, delivered a video greeting to the class of 2023 graduates

National anthem of Canada moment

Valedictorian Carolina

IB Valedictorian Charles

NOIC credit course teacher Alex and Valedictorian Carolina

NOIC credit course teacher Hasan and VIP mentor Hilary

Let us once again congratulate all class of 2023 graduates, and wish you all the best in your upcoming university life!



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NOIC Academy welcomes incoming principal Laura Green onboard; Thanks outgoing principal Timothy Yawney for his contribution.

Markham, Ontario – NOIC Academy is excited to welcome our new principal, Laura Green, who will be joining us starting this Monday. Ms. Green comes to us with 37 years of experience in education and has a strong background in international education. We believe that her expertise and leadership will be invaluable assets to our school community.

As we welcome Ms. Green, we would also like to express our gratitude to our outgoing principal, Timothy Yawney. Under his guidance, NOIC Academy has achieved numerous milestones. During his tenure, Mr. Yawney has overseen the implementation of a holistic online/offline hybrid education system that has resulted in a significant improvement in student academic achievement. He supported the inclusive and vibrant school community that NOIC Academy is known for; a place where all students feel welcome and supported. That support will be extended during the transition period, as Mr. Yawney will work with the school to ensuring all students, staff and community stakeholders are well cared for and set up for success.

We are deeply grateful for all that Mr. Yawney has done for our school and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

At the same time, we are thrilled to have Laura Green join us as our new principal. We believe that her experience, dedication, and passion for education will enable our school to continue to grow and thrive. We are confident that under her leadership, we will be able to continue to grow the success of our school.

Please join us in welcoming Laura Green and thanking Timothy Yawney for his contributions to our school.

Principal’s Bio

Laura Green began her career in education after graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics, minoring in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Education from The University of Western Ontario in 1986.

Ms. Green’s school leadership experience spans both internationally (Hong Kong) for her most recent 6 years and locally (Ontario) for more than a decade, all while gaining a diverse perspective on education and leadership. Laura has effectively worked with students, teachers, and parents from various cultural backgrounds, which has enriched her understanding of the importance of a global mindset in today’s interconnected world.

She has spearheaded capital investment projects and adeptly led strategic and systematic school reviews leading to outstanding student results and increased school standings. Laura’s focus on student success has broadened and increased the acceptance rate to highly respected international universities at every school she has led.

Joining the NOIC Academy community, Laura brings her dedication to promoting excellence in teaching and learning, embracing innovation and empowering the School’s dedicated team of educators and support staff to create an engaging and transformative educational journey for NOIC’s students, preparing them to be future leaders and global citizens.


In past three weeks, NOIC grade-12 students have been receiving “surprises” round by round. Offers from University of Toronto Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London, King’s College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Hong Kong, University of Manchester, Pennsylvania State University, and etc. have landed in NOIC. What a great achievement! Congrats to all students who have received those world top university offers!

The excellence of NOIC has never slow down its step……

Here are some of the offers we’d like to share with you:

1. Student Chen,

Materials engineering, University of Toronto,

2. Student Luo,

Computer Science,Mathematics and Statistics, University of Toronto,

3. Student Dai,

QS ranking #37,offer from King’s College London

4.Student Li,

QS ranking #6offer from Imperial College London

5.Student Li,

QS ranking #65,offer from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University


NOIC Academy 


2023 NOIC “World Culture Exhibition”

On March 9th, the “World culture” course taught by NOIC credit course teacher Melissa held the annual end-of-semester project display event, the 2023 NOIC “World Culture Exhibition”. This exhibition brought together exquisite exhibits from Japan, South Korea, France and other countries and regions that the students worked hard to create. The works “gathering” there made the students and teachers who came to watch it so enjoyable. Now, let’s enjoy these works again!

NOIC’s “World culture” course is a popular OSSD credit course welcomed and ranked most favorite by students. With learning to look at the world with a broader lenses, students are able to have another perspective seeing this world.  We welcome more students to choose this OSSD exquisite course in the upcoming summer semester.


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Students embracing admissions to University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, King’s College London, and Durham University are coming. NOIC welcomes the 1st wave of university offers!

In the past three weeks, NOIC has been embracing the 1st wave of university admission letters that have arrived ahead of schedule. Many students were overjoyed, and some even shouted loudly “The summer vacation is coming!”. Among all the admission letters received, many of them are from several top universities in Canada, including University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Queen’s University, McMaster University and etc.

At the same time, many students also received offers from King’s College London, Durham University, and Birmingham University. As time goes by, NOIC will continue to receive more university admission letters. At this moment, let’s once again congratulate the students who have been admitted to the university in advance, congratulations!

Partial admission offers show out (Universities are ranked in no particular order)

Grade 12 student Charles

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Toronto Mississauga  – Commerce
  2. McMaster University – Math & Statistics Gateway($1,000 Scholarship)

Grade 12 student Liu

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Toronto St George – Humanities

Grade 12 student Jill

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Waterloo – Honours Arts and Business, Co-op
  2. McMaster University – Business($2,500 Scholarship)
  3. McMaster University – Math & Statistics Gateway

Grade 12 student Jason

Received admission letters from:

  1. McMaster University– Business($1,500 Scholarship)
  2. McMaster University– Math & Statistics Gateway
  3. McMaster University– Economics($1,500 Scholarship)

Grade 12 student Chris

Received admission letters from:

  1.  University of Waterloo – Honours Arts and Business

Grade 12 student Tim

Received admission letters from:

1. University of Toronto Scarborough – Mathematics

Grade 12 student Charlie

Received admission letters from:

1.  Queen’s University –

Applied Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering Stream 

Grade 12 student Bob

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Toronto Scarborough – Physical and Environmental Sciences 
  2. Western University -Sciences

Grade 12 student Sylvia

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Toronto Mississauga– Communication, Culture, Information and Technology 

Grade 12 student Eric

Received admission letters from:

  1.  King’s College London – History 

Grade 12 student Gavin

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Toronto Scarborough – Social Sciences and Humanities 
  2. Queen’s University -Arts

Grade 12 student Zou

Received admission letters from:

  1. McMaster University–Social Sciences

Grade 12 student Zhang

Received admission letters from:

  1. Durham University – electrical engineering
  2. University of Birmingham – Engineering


NOIC Academy 


The admission officer from Huron University College came to NOIC to issue face-to-face university offers. NOIC Hats Competition live photo

1.      Face-to-face university offer issuing

On 16th February, the admission officer from Huron University College prepared four Western University-Huron university college admission letters and planned to issue them to four NOIC students face to face. It’s the 1st time university admission officer coming to NOIC campus to personally issue the offer after the Covid-19 pandemic!

Can’t wait to open the admission package!What an exciting moment!

Let’s congratulate these four NOIC students! What a success!

2. NOIC Hats Competition

On 6th February, NOIC’s annual Hats Competition was officially launched in the classroom of the credit course teacher Melissa. Students used their imaginations to proudly show out their crafted masterpiece in the event.

Four hats waiting to be scored

NOIC students have prepared story behind each work showed out

As leader of the evaluator team, Vice Principal Ms. Devi was carefully checking the evaluation form, so did the other mentor evaluators.

NOIC credit course teachers are also evaluating the work one by one!


NOIC Academy 


NOIC was invited to participate in three Lunar New Year celebration events organized by the Prime Minister of Canada, the Premier of Ontario and FCCM

1. Lunar New Year reception organized by the Prime Minister of Canada

On January 31, NOIC was invited to participate in the celebration of the Lunar New Year celebration event held by the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau at Parliament Hill in the capital Ottawa. This Lunar New Year special reception was hosted by MP Jean Yip, an “old friend” of NOIC

NOIC CEO & President Roy and NOIC VP Claire met with Canadian Minister of Housing and Multiculturalism Hussen, MP Jean Yip, International Trade Minister Mary Ng, MP Paul, MP Han, MP Shaun, MP Salma, the former trustee of York University in Canada, together with the Prime Minister of Canada, and celebrated this wonderful Lunar New Year moment with everyone at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Event video:

2. FCCM Lunar New Year event

On February 4th and 5th, NOIC participated in another Lunar New Year celebration event organized by FCCM. NOIC CEO & President Roy, the mayor of City of Markham Frank Scarpitti, Canadian MPs, Markham city councillor, and the organizer FCCM completed the traditional “Lion Dance Finishing Eyes” together, and appreciated the performances.  

Four MPs presenting the greeting letter from the Prime Minister of Canada

Mayor of City of Markham Frank Scarpitti presented a pop song

NOIC CEO & President Roy, delivered a New Year message to the audience

NOIC CEO & President Roy, with Canadian Minister of Housing and Multiculturalism Hussen and MP Jean Yip

3. Lunar New Year reception organized by the Premier of Ontario

On February 2, Ontario Premier Doug Ford held the 2023 Lunar New Year Reception in Toronto. NOIC CEO & President Roy, NOIC VP Claire, Ontario provincial members, Minister of Ontario, Chair of the board of Education in York region, and Co-Chairman of the advisory committee of the Toronto Police Service department participated together in this great New Year celebration event.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford expressed Lunar New Year congratulations to everyone at the event


NOIC Academy