Admission officers from University of Toronto, Queen’s University and University of Alberta visited NOIC

1. University of Toronto

On 1st November, the University of Toronto information session has kicked off in the campus library of NOIC. The admission officer from the University of Toronto explained in details about the history of U of T, campus introduction and the latest admission policy in 2022.

From 2017 to 2022, NOIC graduates have maintained an average annual acceptance rate of 86% to the University of Toronto. Amazing! That is to say, in the past 6 years, among NOIC graduates every year, 8 out of every 10 graduates have been admitted to the University of Toronto on average.

NOIC’s annual graduation ceremony is set to be held at Hart House, University of Toronto’s Grand Auditorium, which has become one of the most anticipated events for NOIC students.

2. Queen’s University

In the afternoon on 2nd November, the admission officer from Queen’s University in Canada also came to NOIC and brought a warm greeting from Kingston, Ontario. Although the main campus of Queen’s University is located in Kingston, which is about an hour’s drive from downtown Toronto, the high reputation of Queen’s University still catch the attention of many students.

3. University of Alberta

In the afternoon on 28th October 28, the admission officer from the University of Alberta came to the NOIC campus library and shared a great information session of this top university from the west coast of Canada to the students.

NOIC Academy 2022.11.13

NOIC welcomed admission officers from McMaster University, King’s College of Western University and Toronto Metropolitan University

In the past two weeks, NOIC has welcomed three admission officers from Canada’s top universities to share the university info sessions. The three senior university admission officers are from Toronto Metropolitan University, King’s College of Western University and McMaster University.

1. Toronto Metropolitan University

TMU Toronto Metropolitan University is located in the center of Toronto, surrounded by a large number of world-leading companies and the headquarters of major Canadian companies. If students enroll in TMU, the school’s versatile paid internship Co-op programs will provide students with future career opportunities.

Please refer to for more information.

2. King’s University College

The admission officer from King’s college listed several advantages of the school, including graduating with a diploma from the Western University, holding a Western University student card, and being able to join all student clubs at Western University freely.

Ivey Business School is a very prestigious business school at Western University. It was established in 1922 and is also known as Canada’s “Little Harvard”. The relevant business majors in King’s College are affiliated to IVEY, which shows to be a good choice for NOIC students who want to study business in the future.

Please refer to for more information.

3. McMaster University

The admissions officer from McMaster University emphasized the importance of the students’ current OSSD course grades, and for students who want to study business in the future, the 11th grade academic performance is also crucial.

As two popular majors that NOIC students are more interested in, the admission requirements of McMaster Business and Computer Science are also very strict. For students who want to study the popular major of McMaster University, improving their grades is the top priority.

Please refer to for more information.

NOIC Academy 2022.10.26

Admission officer from the University of British Columbia visited NOIC

NOIC embraced with the 2nd university info session in the fall of 2022. On 20th October, Ms.Thish, the admission officer from the University of British Columbia came to NOIC’s campus in Toronto and brought a “long-awaited” university info session to the NOIC students.

Some students raised question about whether UBC professors are strict, while some students have doubt if it’s hard to apply for UBC. In addition to patiently answering students’ questions, Ms. Thish also encouraged NOIC students to apply for UBC as the application for the entrance scholarships are automatically included in the UBC application package.

NOIC Academy 2022.10.15

NOIC 2022 Fall Opening Ceremony recap! Western University admission officer visited NOIC

The NOIC Academy 2022-2023 school year opening ceremony was successfully launched in the afternoon of September 29 at the NOIC campus library. This opening ceremony was the first offline brick-and-mortar school opening ceremony since the Covid-19 pandemic started at the end of 2019. All credit teachers and Fall 22 new students gathered together to welcome and celebrate the beginning of this new autumn semester.

At 2pm in the afternoon, the opening ceremony officially kicked off, and NOIC principal Timothy Yawney delivered a welcome speech for the new students. After experiencing the online virtual opening ceremony for more than two years due to the epidemic, this offline “face-to-face” opening ceremony allowed all freshmen who have landed in the NOIC Toronto physical school to feel the excitement of NOIC, whether it is the rigorous academic atmosphere, The rich school community life is also the activities of the local community in Toronto. The impact of all these on the new students is really exciting.

From the above video, Principal Tim told the students that the years in NOIC will become an unforgettable period of time in their future memory

Student council election

As a must-have event for each NOIC opening ceremony, the student council campaign was staged on campus again today. At the opening ceremony, the students of the school held a secret election the positions of the chairman and vice chairman of the new student council, the head of the academic department and the head of the marketing department,the positions will be elected strictly according to the votes of all students.

Two candidates showed their passion in the election. Two candidates in the photo: Thomas, candidate for the marketing department. Bob, candidate for the academic department

Andy, candidate for the president.
Bob, candidate for the academic department
Jason, candidate for the president.
Teresa, candidate for the vice president.

The admission officer from Western University brought the 1st University Information Session to NOIC

This university info session gave a further understanding to NOIC students of the Western University, one of Canada’s top universities.

NOIC Academy 2022.9.30

PD day for the new autumn semester. 2022 NOIC “Roundtable Forum” live video recap.

Part 1. The first PD Day of the new semester

On September 6, 2022, the new autumn semester of NOIC was officially kicked off to celebrate first offline “PD Day” (Teacher Professional Development Day) since the Covid-19 pandemic two years ago. On the morning of the 6th, NOIC teachers gathered in the campus library for the 1st PD Day announcement prepared by NOIC principal Timothy Yawney and NOIC online education director Lorne Young.

Part 2. 2022 NOIC “Roundtable Forum” Live Videos

The connection between Elon Musk’s plans and IB education?

Confidence in NOIC’s real-time livestreaming OSSD credit course?

What is the real difference between brick-and-mortar OSSD program and online OSSD?

NOIC Academy 2022.9.14

The former Director-General of the International Baccalaureate Organization participated in the 2022 NOIC “Roundtable Forum”. The former Deputy Chief for the Toronto Police Service officially joined the advisory board of NOIC Academy

Part 1. 2022 NOIC “Roundtable Forum” On August 16, 2022, Jeffrey Beard, chairman of the NOIC Advisory Board, visited NOIC Academy for the first time after the Covid-19 pandemic. As the former Director-General of the International Baccalaureate Organization (2006-2014), Mr. Jeffrey came to the campus of NOIC this time to discuss the strategic educational plan of NOIC, the development of OSSD program, and to conduct in-depth exchanges with the school management team on the differences between brick-and-mortar education model and online education.

Jeffrey Beard

Chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former Director General of IBO (2006 -2014)

Jeffrey Beard is an innovative and results-oriented CEO with 22 years of international experience across six countries in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors. Mr. Beard was the Director General of the International Baccalaureate (IB) for eight years (Jan. 2006- Jan. 2014), leading the not-for-profit educational organization as it grew into one of the fastest growing and most respected international education curricula across the world. The IB programs are taught in almost 5000 schools across the world, with almost 1.5 million students registered each year. Mr. Beard is a recognized leader in international education and with proven leadership and management ability.

Part 2 A seminar between Jeffrey Beard and NOIC students

On August 15, Jeffrey Beard, chairman of the NOIC Advisory Board and former director-general of the International Baccalaureate

Organization, had the first face-to-face interaction with NOIC teachers and students in the library of the main campus in Toronto.

Part 3 New member of NOIC Advisory Board

The former Deputy Chief for the Toronto Police Service joined the management team of NOIC Academy officially Just last week, Aug. 12, former Toronto Deputy Police Chief Peter Yuen officially joined the NOIC Advisory Board. Before Peter joined, NOIC’s Advisory Committee was composed of “literati” (educators), but this time a “general” was ushered in. With Peter’s joining, NOIC’s Advisory

Board has finally become more diverse and slightly balanced

Peter Yuen

Peter Yuen

Deputy Chief Peter Yuen recently retired in (2022) from the Toronto Police Service as a distinguished member serving for over 34 years.  As prolific executive leader in the largest municipal service in North America, Deputy Yeun was in charge of Community Safety Command which provides proactive and reactive public safety services and programs in partnership with diverse communities and key stakeholders.  In addition, Deputy Yuen oversaw front line policing in 12 different districts of Toronto housing 16 policing divisions and thousands of members. His tenure also saw him lead in Field Services which encompasses the Toronto Police Operations Centre, Communications Services, Traffic Services, Parking Enforcement, Public Safety Response Team, and the Community Partnerships & Engagement Unit.  A true leader of community policing and expanding the Mobile Crisis Intervention Team Program Deputy Yuen personifies multiculturalism being born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada in 1975. He is proud of his Chinese heritage and his Canadian citizenship. His personal and professional life has shaped his views in diversity from a lived experience and is proud to advance honest public discourse and community input on policing issues, management, and social justice issues. As an expert in diversity, inclusion and equity, Deputy Yeun has been a member of the Toronto Police Services Board Anti-Racism Advisory Panel, Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Panel, National Use of Force Committee, the Ontario Regional Chair of the National Justice Committee, the Co-Chair of the Toronto Police Service Mobile Crisis Intervention Team Steering Committee, has led his service in the implementation of Race Based Data Collection Strategy, and Senior Advisor to both the East and South Asian Internal Support Networks within the police service.. Deputy Yuen has a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree in Justice Studies from the University of Guelphhumber and a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership from the University of Guelph. He is a frequent lecturer at the Toronto Police College and other public venues presenting on change management, leadership, and customer service. Deputy Yuen is also celebrated by the community and police service in receiving over 20 certifications and awards for his outstanding work and commitment to the public.

As an old friend of NOIC Academy, Peter has maintained a very close relationship in the past ten years. He also attended and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony organized by NOIC Academy in the Hart House of the University of Toronto in 2016.

Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony Recap

The class of 2022 graduation ceremony was successfully launched on 8th July, 2022. Many graduates addressed their excitements after watching the graduation ceremony with their parents, especially when they saw their admissions to their dream university and heard so many special blessings from world-class educators. This sense of pride is really spontaneous! Let’s get a quick recap about this ceremony.

01 –Video from Mr. Michael M Yu, Founder, Chairman of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, one of the leading private educational service provider in China

02 – Video from Valedictorian, Angela, Class of 2022

03 – Video from Jeffrey Beard, chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former Director General of IBO (2006 -2014)

04 – Video from Tony Little, member of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former Head Master of Eton College (2002-2015)

05 – Video from Alex, the most welcomed teacher in 2022

06 – Video from Ann Puntis, management advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education CEO (2005-2013)

07 –Video from Michelle, OSSD credit course teacher

08 – Video from CEO & PRESIDENT of NOIC Academy

09 – Video from PRINCIPAL of NOIC Academy

Full Video of 2022 Graduation Ceremony

NOIC Academy 



Happy 50th Birthday, City of Markham!

Congratulations from Roy Huang, CEO and President of NOIC Academy! We are proud to be part of this vibrant community nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship. Dedicated to providing quality secondary education to international students in Canada, China and other parts of the world, NOIC Academy continues to grow via our online teaching platforms during these challenging times. Thank you, Mayor Frank Scarpitti. With your support, we’re able to take a lead in delivering online education, and our school at 50 Featherstone Avenue in Markham remains vital to our operations.

Great news! NOIC Academy and the Faculty of Science of York University have launched a joint scholarship. Study at NOIC, receive York University scholarship

Joint scholarship launched by NOIC Academy and the Faculty of Science of York University

We are happy to announce that NOIC Academy and the Faculty of Science, York University has formally reached a partnership. NOIC Academy has become an official partner high school of the Faculty of Science, York University. It is agreed that the Faculty of Science International Student Entrance Scholarship will be awarded to NOIC Academy students entering York University Faculty of Science undergraduate programs with an average of 85% or higher. $2,500 per NOIC student and a total of 20 students per year. This award can be held in conjunction with all other entrance scholarships, such as Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship and York University Automatic Entrance Scholarship – International.

The Faculty of Science at York University has five major departments: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, and Science & Technology Studies. It has opened up to 31 science programs, providing a wide range of choices for NOIC students who are interested in science.

NOIC’s high-quality education is fully recognized by the Faculty of Science of York University. Excellent NOIC students are favored and encouraged by this prestigious higher education institution. With the further deepening of cooperation between the two sides, NOIC students will surely obtain more world-class educational resources and opportunities.

2021 York Science Transition Program for NOIC students

The Faculty of Science at York University is also happy to announce the offering for NOIC students of its Science Summer Module Courses for International Students to help build confidence and readiness of international students for their first-year university science courses.

Program highlights include:

• No language requirements to apply

• All Module courses taught by full-time York University instructors. Click

Here to read about the instructors

• Opportunity to discuss university course material and chat with future university classmates as well as gain a feel for the North American university class experience.

• Acquainted with academic English used in science classrooms that is critical for students’ future success in North American Universities.

• No visa requirements for international students

• Receive certificate of Certificate of Completion after completing one of the individual module


• A series of five summer module courses (SMC) delivered online. Each of these SMC will be delivered for at least three hours of live, online, discussion each week and students will also receive practice assignments and quizzes.

The five-week SMC being offered this year are:

◦Biology course

◦Chemistry course

◦Mathematics course

◦Physics course

◦The University Experience course

Each module will accommodate 250 Canadian domestic students and limited number (50) of international students so that students can gain academic and culture experience to study with Canadian domestic students in the same module(s).

The SMC are non-credit university readiness courses. Students will not need to worry about their

marks because they will not be kept as a university record. We want students to focus on learning and understanding of the course material. We will issue the students “Certificate of Completion” after the completion of the module(s).

For more information, please visit the program official website:

Course schedule:

Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics classes run from July 19th to August 20th, 2021. 

The University Experience classes run from August 2nd to September 3rd, 2021.

Students can enroll in an individual module or as a comprehensive group of modules that work together. They are scheduled so that no live sessions will overlap, allowing you to attend all sessions or just the few that you have chosen.

Who should apply:

• NOIC graduates who will enter university in Sept 2021 or thereafter

• Current NOIC students who are interested in science and/or getting prepared for future university studies

• NOIC students who are registering as a degree student in York University in Sept 2021 may able to enroll at a substantially reduced fee

Course fees:

The fee for each module is CDN$305.20.

20% discount for all NOIC students who register before June 18, 2021.

NOIC Students who completed two or more modules may be eligible for the $3,000 SSTP Award. Registration and inquiry:

NOIC students invited by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to join the 2021 Lunar New Year Virtual Celebration

On the eve of Lunar New Year, students at NOIC joined Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Federal Ministers and Members of Parliament for a virtual celebration to welcome the Year of the Ox.

Prime Minster Justin Trudeau wished good health, happiness, and good fortune to everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year by performing a special lion eye-dotting ceremony.
Prime Minster Justin Trudeau extended thanks to important contributions made by the Chinese communities across Canada and the world in fighting against Covid-19. He greatly appreciated the unity and strengths shown by the Chinese communities.
Member of Parliament for Don Valley North Han Dong and Member of Parliament for Scarborough North Shaun Chen (upper right) sent New Year blessings in Chinese and English
Students at NOIC happily enjoyed traditional performances in Chinese culture.
Students at NOIC joined Minster of National Defense Harjit Sajjan, Minster of Digital Government Joyce Murray and Member of Parliament Jean Yip for making and tasting dumpling.

Throwback on 2018 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Chinese Lunar New Year Reception

On the Lunar New Year’s Eve in 2018, hundreds of NOIC student volunteers were invited to participate in the Lunar New Year reception invited by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Students at NOIC volunteered in the preparations for the Lunar New Year’s reception, greeting guests, maintaining order on site, getting a rare opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the Canadian Prime Minister, Federal Ministers and Members of Parliament!

NOIC student volunteers greeting guests at the Lunar New Year reception
CEO & President of NOIC Academy Roy Huang and Member of Parliament for Scarborough North Shaun Chen
CEO & President of NOIC Academy Roy Huang and Mayor of the city of Markham
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Lunar New Year Reception
NOIC student volunteers
Member of Parliament Rob Oliphant with NOIC student volunteers
Member of Parliament Rob Oliphant with NOIC student volunteers
NOIC president, students, teachers and staff at the Lunar New Year Reception