Splendid experience!Class of 2023 Canada’s wonderland graduation fieldtrip recap

On June 9, together with NOIC’s Principal Ms. Laura Green, the 2023 summer graduates (Class of 2023) visited the famous Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto for an exciting graduation trip. Although it’s a rainy day, the sporadic light rain still did not stop the passion of the graduates…

Canada’s Wonderland


Happy wonderland day!

Talking about roll coaster,do you know the difference of roller coasters between each countries?

Answer from one NOIC graduate:“Of course there is no difference!

Roller coaster day




Lovely me and the mascot

World national flag street

“I can stop smiling when I think about graduation once!”

/ Don’t walk away,the fantasy of NOIC to be continued……


NOIC Academy 


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2023 NOIC Graduation Ceremony Recap

On June 8, the NOIC 2023 Graduation Ceremony came to a successful conclusion. At the graduation ceremony, Mr. Jeffrey Beard, former Global Director-General of the International Baccalaureate Organization (2006-2014) and Chairman of the NOIC Advisory Board, Ms. Ann Puntis, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2005-2013) and NOIC management advisor, and Tony Little, former headmaster of Eton College (2002-2015) and member of the NOIC Advisory Board sent valuable video greetings to all the graduates.

Before the graduation ceremony recap, Let’s take a look at the graduate statistics this year:

100% of graduates from the Class of 2023 were admitted to top universities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries around the world;

Among them, some have been admitted to the top 10 universities in the world, including Imperial College London ICL (ranked 6th globally in 2023 QS), and UCL (ranked 8th globally in 2023 QS, one of the G5 universities in the UK).

At the same time, many graduates also received offers from the University of Hong Kong (ranked 21st globally in 2023 QS), the University of Edinburgh (ranked 15th globally in 2023QS), King’s College London (ranked 37th globally in 2023 QS), and the University of Manchester (ranked 28th globally in 2023 QS) and other top universities in the world;

In the past 7 years, the admission rate of NOIC graduates to the University of Toronto was as high as 84.4%;

On average, more than 75% of the graduates have received university scholarships;

The Class of 2023 received an average of 7.5 university offers per graduate…

Congratulations to all graduates!

Video greetings from NOIC advisory board


Jeffrey Beard

Chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former Director General of IBO (2006 -2014)


Tony Little

Member of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former Head Master of Eton College (2002-2015)

03   Ann Puntis

Management Advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2005-2013)


2023 Graduation Ceremony

In the pleasant conversation between Principal Laura Green and the credit course teacher, the graduation ceremony is about to kick off


Ms. Laura Green, the principal of NOIC Academy, addressing a speech to all the graduates

Mr. Peter Yuen, member of the NOIC Academy Advisory Board and former Deputy Chief of the Toronto Police, sharing a valuable speech to the graduates with his 35 years of management experience in the Toronto Police Department

Roy Huang, Executive President of NOIC Academy, delivered a video greeting to the class of 2023 graduates

National anthem of Canada moment

Valedictorian Carolina

IB Valedictorian Charles

NOIC credit course teacher Alex and Valedictorian Carolina

NOIC credit course teacher Hasan and VIP mentor Hilary

Let us once again congratulate all class of 2023 graduates, and wish you all the best in your upcoming university life!



NOIC Academy 


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