NOIC 2024 Graduates’ Celebration Trip to Wonderland

On June 12th, NOIC Academy celebrated the 2024 graduates’ completion of high school with a trip to Wonderland, one of Canada’s most renowned amusement parks. The sunny day symbolized a bright future for our students. Excitement filled the air as they gathered early, ready for adventure.

Heading to Wonderland

Tickets Checking In Progress

At Wonderland, students rushed to thrilling rides like the Leviathan and Yukon Striker, enjoying endless joy and excitement. The park was filled with laughter, screams, and cheers, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Awesome Group Photo

Mentor Angelina Leading Students to Queue for the Roller Coaster

Spinning ‘Little Planes’

Go-Kart Racing!

Bumper Cars

This day was not only a celebration of their achievements but also a look forward to the future. Each challenge overcome represented the courage and determination they will need. The smiles and laughter will be cherished memories, inspiring them on their journey.

Students Sharing Ice Cream

Delicious Fried Chicken and Burgers

Thank you to all the teachers and students who made this day special. To the NOIC 2024 graduates, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Your possibilities are endless.