NOIC ACADEMY provides a unique VIP language training program and university application counseling service. Through this system, students will be guided by experienced counselors throughout the university application process. Mentors help students select courses that align with their strengths, get familiar with local culture and better adapt to the academic and living environment.

Boost your Success

  • A developed language training program based on students’ different learning abilities
  • Target students’ weaknesses and tutor in small classes
  • Identify students’ issues during the learning process
  • Improve students’ ability in the mastery of English language
  • Daily supervision of homework session or extracurricular activities (3:40-5:00 pm)
  • Facilitate assistance as needed

Secure your Success

  • Counsel students with university applications
  • Counsel students when preparing documents for university applications, such as transcripts, certifications and supplementary essays
  • Counsel students in their preparation for university interviews
  • Counsel students in submitting university application materials and supplementary letters
  • Counsel students in communicating with the Language Testing Center and ensuring that language results arrive in a timely manner
  • Counsel student when they need to have a conversation with the universities they apply to


Connect your Success

  • Regular communication with parents established regarding school related information, and students’ living conditions
  • Guidance and counselling provided to assist students in adapting to life in Canada
  • Communication with the credit course teachers to monitor the students’ progress
  • Communication with the dormitory manager to support students’ needs

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Jennifer Chen
Jennifer Chen
Jenny Du
Jenny Du
Kevin Qin
Kevin Qin
Doris Xing
Doris Xing

Doris has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Nanjing Normal University, and worked one year at New Oriental’s Nanjing branch as an IELTS teacher, teaching both regular and VIP classes. After that, she received a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from OISE, University of Toronto. During this period, she worked as a research assistant in the Department of Sociology, as well as a part-time IELTS teacher in several private high schools. Currently, she is a mentor and credit course (LKMDU) teacher at NOIC Academy. With five years’ teaching experience, she can prepare students for the IELTS test effectively.

Winnie Yin
Winnie Yin

Winnie received a Bachelor of Education degree with a full scholarship in Hong Kong, followed by a Master’s degree in translation in 2010. Upon graduation, she worked in the Hong Kong public school system as a full-time English teacher and also had the experience of teaching and studying in different countries such as the US, the UK, France and Spain. With her commitment towards education, she decided to further pursue a Master of Teaching degree at the University of Toronto and successfully obtained her Ontario College of Teachers certification (OCT). Winnie joined NOIC in 2016 as a mentor. Besides her professional academic endeavor, she brings her passion for life and art into the school by organizing an Eco-art club, which has enriched the school life of the students.

Victoria Yang
Victoria Yang

Graduated with double degrees of Bachelor of Arts (English) and Bachelor of Economics in China, Victoria pursued her master degree in Education at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada. Before joining NOIC, she has worked for many well-known language training institutions in China and Vancouver. She has achieved a full mark in IELTS reading and has accumulated many years of experience in teaching IELTS and preparing students for university life. Victoria joined NOIC in 2015, and since then she has worked at her best to facilitate students in study planning, IELTS test preparation, university application as well as North America life adaptation.

Freda Shen
Freda Shen

Freda has rich experience in teaching English as a second language, having worked at a university in Shanghai for over 11 years. She graduated from Shanghai International Studies University with an M.A. in English Language and Literature. After coming to Canada, she pursued a second master’s degree with an M.Ed from OISE, University of Toronto. During her graduate study at OISE, she worked as a GA (graduate assistant) and participated in SSHRC’s Canada and China Reciprocal Learning Partnership Project. She is now focused on IETLS tutoring and preparing her students for admission to post-secondary institutions.

Susan Zhang
Susan Zhang

Strengths and skills

Excellent command of English and Mandarin; very familiar with Ontario Secondary School Curriculum and International Baccalaureate Curriculum of Language A: Language and Literature; good knowledge of computer skills (Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel and Power-point); strong verbal and written communications skills; strong inter-person communications skills; good at working under pressure and in a fast-paced environment; efficient, organized and responsibility oriented.


M.A. in English Language and Literature conferred by Foreign Languages, College of Tianjin Normal University June 1999
B.A. in English Language and Literature conferred by Foreign Languages, College of Tianjin Normal University June 1996

Working Experience

Full-time Mentor Nov. 24, 2014 to present at NOIC Academy Teaching IB (International Baccalaureate) Chinese A Sept. 7, 2015 to present
Language and Literature at NOIC Academy
Supervising IB (International Baccalaureate) Oct. 12, 2015 to present
Chinese A Extended Essay at NOIC Academy
Teaching Mandarin as an OSSD credit course Jan. 5, 2015 to present(LKMCU and LKMDU) at NOIC Academy
Teaching IELTS from Nov. 24, 2014 to present at NOIC Academy
Working as Mentors’ Advisor June. 2016 to presentWorking as Group Leader July. 2016 to present
(Listening) of IETLS Curriculum Development
Teaching English in Foreign Languages College Sept 1, 1999 to Jul. 15, 2013 of Tianjin Normal University.
Courses taught in University: “An Introduction to Linguistics” (designed for Postgraduates),“Generative Phonology” (designed for Postgraduates),“Integrated Skills of English” (designed for undergraduates),“Focus on English News” (designed for undergraduates), “Listening Comprehension” (designed for undergraduates).
Administrative work in addition to teaching: Sept. 1, 2009 to Jul.10, 2011
Being in charge of English Teaching and Research Section in the English Department of Foreign Languages College of Tianjin Normal University; Being responsible for supervising teaching assistants, developing curriculum and preparing teaching materials and outlines for courses in English studies; Interviewing teaching position applicants.
Teaching Chinese as a visiting scholar in Aug. 8, 2008 to Jun.30, 2009West Kentucky Community and Technical College in the United States.

Honors and Achievements

Best Employee of the Year in December of 2016 at NOIC Academy
Honored as Kentucky Colonel by Summer of 2009 Kentucky Governor, Steven L. Beshear for promoting cultural diversity in the United States.
Honored as Duchess of Paducah Oct. 7, 2008 by the mayor of Paducah, Kentucky for promoting cultural diversity in the United States.Awarded as Model Teacher in Tianjin Normal University Fall of 2008
The Third Prize winner of The Eighth Teaching Contest Fall of 2006 of Young College Teachers of Tianjin.The First Prize winner in the Eighth Summer of 2006 Teaching Contest of Young Teachers of Tianjin Normal University
The Second Prize winner of Teaching Achievements Winter of 2004 in Tianjin Normal University.

Zeo Chen
Zeo Chen

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration, Master of Arts in Second Language Education (OISE, University of Toronto). She is Director of Teaching and Curriculum Development, Elite Program Coordinator, and New Mentor Advisor at NOIC Academy.
She has worked on IELTS/ TOEFL training for almost 10 years and accumulated rich experience in counseling students on their university applications. She inspires students to reach their full potential, make ambitious but doable plans, monitor progress and achieve their goals. The majority of her students have moved on to study at the University of Toronto, McGill, UBC, Ivey Business School, Queen’s, and many top universities in the United States.

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