Mentor Program

NOIC ACADEMY provides a unique VIP language training program and university application counseling service. Through this system, students will be guided by experienced counselors throughout the university application process. Mentors help students select courses that align with their strengths, get familiar with local culture and better adapt to the academic and living environment.

Boost Your Success

  • A developed language training program based on students’ different learning abilities

  • Target students’ weaknesses and tutor in small classes

  • Identify students’ issues during the learning process

  • Improve students’ ability in the mastery of English language

  • Daily supervision of homework session or extracurricular activities (3:40-5:00 pm)

  • Facilitate assistance as needed

University Application Counseling

Secure Your Success

  • Counsel students with university applications
  • Counsel students when preparing documents for university
    applications, such as transcripts, certifications and supplementary essays
  • Counsel students in their preparation for university interviews
  • Counsel students in submitting university application materials and
    supplementary letters
  • Counsel students in communicating with the Language Testing Center
    and ensuring that language results arrive in a timely manner
  • Counsel student when they need to have a conversation with the universities they apply to


Connect Your Success

  • Regular communication with parents established regarding school
    related information, and students’ living conditions
  • Guidance and counselling provided to assist students in adapting
    to life in Canada
  • Communication with the credit course teachers to monitor the
    students’ progress
  • Communication with the dormitory manager to support students’


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