NOIC Academy is a vibrant workplace. The Academy is led by a solid and dedicated senior leadership from whom our staff receive guidance as they move toward career success. We focus on mentoring to support our staff to achieve excellence in learning and teaching. NOIC enables a rewarding start for colleagues to begin their careers and an abundant journey of development. We are a multi-cultural community with diverse cultural background from students and staff who embrace new technology and uphold high standards of work ethics to make a better future.

Aligned with the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education and the International Baccalaureate Organization, we are thrilled to have nurtured numerous students to grow successfully in their path from high school to university in the past two decades. This is also the reward of supporting our staff to excel in their potential and to explore their horizons across different areas and roles. We are seeking passionate educators and enthusiastic individuals to join the family of NOIC Academy. Interested parties may apply for the positions below:

Our NOIC Family