Grade 9 to 12 OSSD/IB/A-Level Teachers (all subjects)

Position Summary

The Teacher prepares and teaches academic, technical, specialized subjects under the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or IB Programme as appropriate.  The incumbent will assist the Senior Leadership Team and curriculum coordinators in curriculum and pedagogy planning.  The Teacher also works closely with students and other academic staff in a diverse cultural setting to maintain a fruitful teaching and learning environment.

Key Responsibilities

Teaching & Learning

  • Prepare teaching material for students according to an approved curriculum
  • Evaluate the learning progress of students, determine individual needs of students, prepare report cards and discuss results with constructive advice
  • May teach and evaluate students through distance or online courses
  • Motive and engage students to learn with creativity
  • Exercise good classroom management to ensure students a fair and orderly environment
  • Apply different strategies in a consistent manner to fulfil the course contents and objectives
  • Apply appropriate resources and technology in conducting lectures, discussions, audio-visual presentations, and laboratory and field studies
  • Assign homework and assignments to students, make assessments and discuss with students the results to enhance their learning progress
  • Prepare, administer and correct tests and exams

Safeguarding & Student/Parent Communications

  • Provide a safe learning environment to enable students in taking challenges
  • Identify the needs of special learning support and additional academic assistance for students
  • Prepare and implement remedial programs for students requiring extra help
  • Provide advice and assistance to students on academic issues
  • Encourage students to confidently and freely ask questions in learning
  • Create an environment of mutual respect that fosters a global mindset
  • Assist students in taking responsibility for their own actions by assisting them with realistic goals
  • Communicate with parents/mentors by providing appropriate information and updates on students learning progress in a professional manner
  • Attend all relevant academic and student well-being meetings and collaborative planning sessions

Administration & School Support

  • Collaborate with colleagues on curriculum planning and development
  • Attend and help to organize events for students, parents or the wider community
  • Support and implement the whole school in all areas of operating system
  • Participate in staff meetings, educational conferences and teacher training workshops
  • Support and participate in school induction activities for new teachers
  • Attend school meetings as required


  • Holder of Bachelor’s Degree with major in the subject of teaching
  • Qualification of OCT is preferred
  • Extensive knowledge of the current OSSD grade 9-12 curriculum, and the assessment, evaluation and reporting expectations outlined in the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Growing Success document
  • Knowledge and experience with delivering experiential learning, including service and inquiry-based learning, IB knowledge or experience is an asset
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • High proficiency in applying technology to enhance the capacity of teaching and learning
  • Strong communication and multi-tasking abilities
  • Experience with ESL students is an asset
Job Category: Academic

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