2022 NOIC Christmas Luncheon | HAPPY HOLIDAY


On December 21­st, the 2022 NOIC Christmas Luncheon was successfully held at the NOIC Gymnasium. This most anticipated Christmas event of the year ended perfectly with cheers and laughter. The Christmas event this year is the first offline event that NOIC students have participated since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic at the end of 2019. After nearly 3 years, the enthusiasm of all teachers, students and staff of NOIC was completely ignited in the campus gymnasium on the afternoon of the 21st…

Christmas Luncheon

A truly spectacular moment in the gymnasium!

NOIC’s credit course teachers are also very cute when they check on the Christmas dishes


NOIC Principal Timothy Yawney and Vice-Principal Ms. Devi are very interested in the pastries


Much curiosity about the Christmas gift here!

NOIC Principal Timothy Yawney told students never leave their eyes on the big screen when winners being drew!

01 NOIC credit course teachers on stage

02 Students are getting excited

We got 10 lucky winners!

03 Time for winners!

We got seven 3rd prize winners!

Three 1st to 3rd prize winners! Congrats!


With the festive greetings sent by NOIC President Roy to the students and all staff at the end of the event, this spectacular 2022 Christmas event has come to a successful ending. Merry Christmas to every one of you! 

Event video as below:


NOIC Academy 


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NOIC student has achieved full IELTS scores. Admission letter from the University of Waterloo has officially arrived!

1. Two good news

Just recently, two NOIC Class of 2022 students received a sudden surprise. One of them, student Chen, achieved a full score of 9 in both reading and listening in IELTS and received a total average score of 8, while the other student Du has already received an early offer from a top Canadian university, an admission letter from the University of Waterloo, and the major is Honours Arts and Business, Co-op.

Student Chen was able to achieve full scores in both IELTS reading and listening in high school, which has already been far ahead of almost all international students in Canada. Frankly speaking, even for a Canadian-born local, it’s not easy to get a full score of 9 in IELTS listening and reading, not to mention it is quite challenging for an international student to get full score in such a global standardized language test.

At the same time, Student Du in NOIC has already received an early offer from the University of Waterloo at the end of November, an admission letter major in Honours Arts and Business (Co-op). Normally, the majority number of university offers are scheduled to be issued to applicants at the beginning of the year, while student who is able to obtain admission letter in such an early time is extremely lucky, specially receiving offer from one of the top Canadian universities. University of Waterloo has shown its full recognition and trust to NOIC and students in the school.

Let’s once again congratulate the above two NOIC students, we are proud of you for achieving such outstanding achievements!

2. NOIC embraced 22-23 winter term opening day

Last Friday, NOIC students gathered in the campus library to participate in the kick-off meeting for the new winter semester. Principal Timothy Yawney, together with vice Principal Ms. Devi and all NOIC credit course teachers, has joined the event.

As the prospective graduates of this year have begun to receive admission letters from top universities all around the world, we are here wishing all grade-12 students in NOIC will be able to receive offers from their favorite universities in the short future! Your dream will never be late, NOIC students!

NOIC Academy 2022.12.8

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Admission officers from University of Waterloo and University of Guelph visited NOIC.

University of Waterloo Information Session

After information session from University of Toronto, Queen’s University, University of Windsor and University of Alberta, on November 22nd, the admission officer from University of Waterloo officially visited NOIC and brought students a great admission presentation. The well-known Co-op project and the high employment rate of students who graduate from mathematics and computer science major are very interested by NOIC students.

The University of Waterloo is one of the schools that Microsoft recruits the most graduates

University of Waterloo offer showing out (NOIC graduates, class of 2022):

Mr. Wang, University of Waterloo, Mathematics/financial analysis and risk management. Co-op.(Top offer from UofW)

Mr. Zhang, University of Waterloo, Mathematics

Mr. Liu, University of Waterloo, Mathematics

Mr. Tang, University of Waterloo, Sustainability and financial management

Mr. Xu, University of Waterloo, Mathematics

Mr. Yang, University of Waterloo, Mathematics/Business administration

Ms. She, University of Waterloo, Mathematics/financial analysis and risk management. Co-op.(Top offer from UofW)

Mr. Yu, Wilfrid Laurier University business administration and computer science at University of Waterloo double degree

Ms. Zhang, University of Waterloo, Science

University of Guelph Information Session

On December 1st, the admission officer from University of Guelph visited NOIC and shared an extraordinary university presentation to NOIC students.

NOIC Academy 2022.12.2

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