Exciting Event at NOIC Academy: Jonathan’s Visit

On February 26, 2024, NOIC Academy was honored to host Jonathan, our esteemed Advisory Board member and former Vice Provost for Enrollment at Cornell University. It was a day filled with insights, learning, and unparalleled experiences for our students. Here’s a snapshot of the day:

Insightful Sharing: Jonathan opened the event by sharing essential tips on Ivy League interviews, emphasizing the crucial importance of soft/social skills alongside academic achievements.

One-on-One Interviews: Our students had the incredible opportunity to experience personalized interviews with Jonathan, gaining firsthand knowledge and valuable feedback to navigate their future academic journeys.

Panel Interview Role Play: The highlight was our students stepping into the shoes of interviewers in a role-playing session with Jonathan as the interviewee. This unique perspective not only enhanced their understanding of the interview process but also honed their interpersonal skills.

The day was not just about learning; it was about transforming perspectives and empowering our students to envision a future filled with success and achievements. We’re immensely grateful to Jonathan for sharing his expertise and to our students for embracing this learning opportunity with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Thank you to everyone who made this event a milestone in the academic year of NOIC Academy.