Celebrating the Success of “A Rose Through Time” by Essie XIE

As the curtains closed on “A Rose Through Time”, we are filled with gratitude and awe at the incredible journey we embarked upon together. Last Friday, NOIC Academy was alight with the vibrant energy of Essie XIE’s art exhibition, marking a significant milestone in our talented Grade 12 IB program student’s artistic journey.

🎨 Exhibition Highlights:

Maiden’s Dream: A vivid exploration of youthful love’s allure and illusions, masterfully combining acrylic and watercolor to delve into the rose’s romantic yet complex symbolism.

Manacle: A poignant critique of conformity within traditional education, expressed through watercolor and pen, urging viewers to reflect on individuality and freedom of thought.

Metamorphosis: Representing personal evolution through the lifecycle of a rose, crafted from cut wood bark and paper. This piece invites contemplation on change, sustainability, and the natural beauty of transformation.

The Painful Bloom: Addressing the trials of personal growth against challenges, this artwork uses diverse mediums to contrast the purity of a white rose with the artist’s own experiences of pain and resilience.

Behind the Veil: A compelling commentary on the impact of media on beauty standards, utilizing magazine collage, yarn, and tulle to challenge societal norms and encourage self-reflection. Essie shares,

“Roses are my favourite flower, embodying both beauty and the potential for pain. Like the rose, I am unapologetic in my essence, embracing both light and shadow in my growth.” A Rose Through Time may have concluded, but the conversations it started, the emotions it stirred, and the community it brought together will continue to bloom in our hearts. Thank you to everyone who made last Friday not just an exhibition but a celebration of art’s enduring impact.