Harvard Model Congress San Francisco Youth Leadership Program Concludes Successfully

From February 1st to 3rd, 2024, students from NOIC Academy participated in the Harvard Model Congress San Francisco Youth Leadership Program, a three-day event focused on leadership activities, situational problem-solving, and teamwork. This event was not only an academic exploration but also a splendid opportunity for students to unearth and discover their potential.

Over these three days, students engaged in intensive leadership training, delving into the pressing challenges facing the world today and learning how to collaborate to produce innovative solutions.

This program provided students with a platform to deeply understand the composition of business plans, enabling them to apply creative thinking to business strategies from theory to practice. In addition to the core curriculum, instructors also shared insights on Ivy League university admissions and applications, along with their personal leadership experiences and stories.

Participating in the Harvard Model Congress program, NOIC students not only improved their speaking, research, and teamwork skills but importantly learned how to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical situations, lead within teams, and prepare for their future academic and career paths.

The Harvard Model Congress program was a resounding success. It not only enhanced the students’ various skills but also strengthened their confidence in future learning and career planning. We are proud of their achievements and look forward to their continued brilliance in the future.

NOIC Academy will continue to support our students in participating in such activities because we believe that real learning occurs not only in the classroom but through the challenges and growth experienced in real-world practices.

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