Admission officers from University of Toronto, Queen’s University and University of Alberta visited NOIC

1. University of Toronto

On 1st November, the University of Toronto information session has kicked off in the campus library of NOIC. The admission officer from the University of Toronto explained in details about the history of U of T, campus introduction and the latest admission policy in 2022.

From 2017 to 2022, NOIC graduates have maintained an average annual acceptance rate of 86% to the University of Toronto. Amazing! That is to say, in the past 6 years, among NOIC graduates every year, 8 out of every 10 graduates have been admitted to the University of Toronto on average.

NOIC’s annual graduation ceremony is set to be held at Hart House, University of Toronto’s Grand Auditorium, which has become one of the most anticipated events for NOIC students.

2. Queen’s University

In the afternoon on 2nd November, the admission officer from Queen’s University in Canada also came to NOIC and brought a warm greeting from Kingston, Ontario. Although the main campus of Queen’s University is located in Kingston, which is about an hour’s drive from downtown Toronto, the high reputation of Queen’s University still catch the attention of many students.

3. University of Alberta

In the afternoon on 28th October 28, the admission officer from the University of Alberta came to the NOIC campus library and shared a great information session of this top university from the west coast of Canada to the students.

NOIC Academy 2022.11.13