Student Li’s Parent

After sending our child to NOIC Academy, the person we are most grateful for is Teacher Wang. The detailed weekly parent feedback written by Teacher Wang truly reflects the effort and dedication put into teaching, for which we are deeply appreciative. Our child had several small issues, such as being careless and shy, and not very good at communicating with others. Under Teacher Wang’s meticulous guidance, we have indeed observed a significant change in our child, who has become more outgoing and confident. Most importantly, in terms of studying, our child has gone from not doing homework and being called in for teacher conferences in China, to now arranging their own time and studying with a plan. These changes are evident to me and fill my heart with joy. With Teacher Wang’s guidance, our child has also become what others refer to as “the child next door.” Thank you for your nurturing! Thank you to our child for their effort! Thank you to NOIC for bringing hope to our child.

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