Bill Guo

RongXi (Bill) Guo, graduate of the University of Toronto majoring in Math and Physics. Bill specializes in teaching a wide range of subjects, including OSSD Grade 9 & 10 math, Grade 9 & 10 science, Grade 11 physics, chemistry, and math, Grade 12 physics, chemistry, biology, advanced functions, data management, calculus and vectors, as well as AP calculus AB and BC, AP physics C, and IB chemistry SL. Bill has been an active participant in math and science contests since my high school years. Moreover, Bill has dedicated his time to training students for various competitions, including the Sir Isaac Newton (SIN) Exam, COMC, Hypatia, and Euclid. Through guiding students to excel in these contests, Bill also possesses a strong ability in nurturing students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will undoubtedly benefit them in the future. 

Mohammad Niyaifar

Mr. Mohammad received his Ph.D. in physics from the Indian Institute of Science in India and his MSc in physics from the Plasma physics research Center, Tehran University, a BSc in physics from I. A. University, and a BEng. from Iran science and technology, Tehran. During the past 15 years, he has taught Mathematics and Physics at various academic levels and in different countries. He likes swimming and reading books.

Sinam Devi

I am an Ontario Certified teacher, with teachable subjects Physics and Intermediate Mathematics. After completing the Master of Science and Master of Philosophy in science, I started my teaching career. I obtained the Bachelor of Education to enhance the teaching profession and continued the journey for more than 15 years in diverse environment. Successfully, I have done the ABQ from OISE, University of Toronto. Besides, enjoying the teaching and learning, I am forward thinker, focused and hardworking. I have a strong passion for students, and is committed to expanding education beyond the classroom into every facet of their life.

Melissa Phen

Melissa Phen is a graduate of OCAD University and has completed her Bachelor of Education at Western University for Visual Arts and English. Prior to completing her BEd, Melissa has taught ESL in Okinawa, Japan for two years. Outside of teaching, she is a freelance artist and has written, illustrated and published her own children’s book, Elephant Shoes are Hard to Find.

Jerry Ai

Jerry obtained his M.S. from the University of Oklahoma in USA, B.Ed. from the University of Windsor and Mathematics Honour Specialist from the University of Western Ontario. He has taught Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Accounting for 10 years in different countries, including Canada, UK and China. He has two teaching certificates from Ontario College of Teachers and BC Ministry of Education. He likes Ping-pong, basketball and travelling.

Alexandru Volvoreanu

Alex Volvoreanu graduated from the University of Toronto– St. George Campus. He completed his Bachelor of Humanities in English and Philosophy. He attended OISE shortly thereafter in order to obtain his Teaching Degree. Since then, Alex taught English in the U.K; a place that greatly improved his knowledge of pedagogy. His favorite activities include playing tennis and basketball, as well as watching movie & TV marathons. He also hopes to impart his passion for literature to others!!!

Hasan Sunjari

Hi! My name is Hasan Sunjari and I am teaching business at NOIC. I was born on 27th of September, 1974 in Bangladesh. I spent the major span of my academic life in Bangladesh. Yes! I was already a Bachelor of Business Administration (1996) when I left Bangladesh for Australia for post-graduation. I joined as a high school Business and Economics teacher in one of the largest institutions in Bangladesh- Scholastica- in 2001. I taught CIE (Cambridge International Exams) Business curriculum for 10 years there! In 2011, I migrated to Canada with my wife and a 5 year old daughter. My Canadian career as a teacher commenced with Seabird College in Agassiz, BC where I taught business to a group of first-nation Canadians. Since it was a contractual job, I got back Toronto after a year and half only to join NOIC, again, as a high school Business Teacher.