Paul Cleaver

Paul Cleaver has been travelling and teaching around the world since 1994. Two months after finishing teacher’s college he was on a plane to Japan where he taught ESL for 1.5 years. He then had the opportunity to teach the Ontario curriculum for Senior level English Literature and World Issues Geography in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also continued to teach ESL classes with a particular focus on the writing process. He then returned to Japan to take part in a joint venture with Disney, as a teacher trainer. After completing his Master’s, he taught a variety of Business-related subjects, including Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Law, and Economics. It was during this time that he also wrote two books based upon his teaching and personal experiences: 50 Things the New ESL Teacher Should Know, and Will You Read to Me Tonight, Dad? He is now happily residing back in Canada and enjoying this latest stage in his teaching career.

Julie Gallagher

Julie Gallagher is a 32-year veteran of teaching and has taught English and Dramatic Arts at the Intermediate and Senior levels of high school. She believes that education should be collaborative, responsive, and inclusive. It is her mission to help students develop their communication, critical and creative thinking skills in order to be successful in college, university, and the workplace. Ms. Gallagher holds a B.A. in English and Cultural Studies from Trent University and a B.Ed. from the University of Toronto Faculty of Education. Ms. Gallagher has directed and produced drama and coached boys’ and girls’ athletics. Ms. Gallagher lives in Toronto and enjoys music and the arts: gardening, yoga and reading.

Gary Huang

Gary has been a Math and Science Teacher since 2002. He started teaching IB Chemistry in 2006 and IB Mathematics in 2007. Gary has presented during PD events & IB roundtables to teachers on “Best Practices” and “Technology Integration”. Most recently, Gary has been involved in the implementation of the new IBDP Math Courses – Analysis and Approaches in Ontario.  Gary is very passionate about teaching. He focuses on understanding the needs of each individual students, and making the learning experience enjoyable for everyone.