NOIC 2022 Fall Opening Ceremony recap! Western University admission officer visited NOIC

The NOIC Academy 2022-2023 school year opening ceremony was successfully launched in the afternoon of September 29 at the NOIC campus library. This opening ceremony was the first offline brick-and-mortar school opening ceremony since the Covid-19 pandemic started at the end of 2019. All credit teachers and Fall 22 new students gathered together to welcome and celebrate the beginning of this new autumn semester.

At 2pm in the afternoon, the opening ceremony officially kicked off, and NOIC principal Timothy Yawney delivered a welcome speech for the new students. After experiencing the online virtual opening ceremony for more than two years due to the epidemic, this offline “face-to-face” opening ceremony allowed all freshmen who have landed in the NOIC Toronto physical school to feel the excitement of NOIC, whether it is the rigorous academic atmosphere, The rich school community life is also the activities of the local community in Toronto. The impact of all these on the new students is really exciting.

From the above video, Principal Tim told the students that the years in NOIC will become an unforgettable period of time in their future memory

Student council election

As a must-have event for each NOIC opening ceremony, the student council campaign was staged on campus again today. At the opening ceremony, the students of the school held a secret election the positions of the chairman and vice chairman of the new student council, the head of the academic department and the head of the marketing department,the positions will be elected strictly according to the votes of all students.

Two candidates showed their passion in the election. Two candidates in the photo: Thomas, candidate for the marketing department. Bob, candidate for the academic department

Andy, candidate for the president.
Bob, candidate for the academic department
Jason, candidate for the president.
Teresa, candidate for the vice president.

The admission officer from Western University brought the 1st University Information Session to NOIC

This university info session gave a further understanding to NOIC students of the Western University, one of Canada’s top universities.

NOIC Academy 2022.9.30