Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony Recap

The class of 2022 graduation ceremony was successfully launched on 8th July, 2022. Many graduates addressed their excitements after watching the graduation ceremony with their parents, especially when they saw their admissions to their dream university and heard so many special blessings from world-class educators. This sense of pride is really spontaneous! Let’s get a quick recap about this ceremony.

01 –Video from Mr. Michael M Yu, Founder, Chairman of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, one of the leading private educational service provider in China

02 – Video from Valedictorian, Angela, Class of 2022

03 – Video from Jeffrey Beard, chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former Director General of IBO (2006 -2014)

04 – Video from Tony Little, member of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former Head Master of Eton College (2002-2015)

05 – Video from Alex, the most welcomed teacher in 2022

06 – Video from Ann Puntis, management advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education CEO (2005-2013)

07 –Video from Michelle, OSSD credit course teacher

08 – Video from CEO & PRESIDENT of NOIC Academy

09 – Video from PRINCIPAL of NOIC Academy

Full Video of 2022 Graduation Ceremony

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