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Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is an official high school diploma granted by the Ontario Ministry of Education to high school students in Ontario, Canada upon successful completion of their studies. The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is an internationally recognized education credential offering students with unique competitiveness and fewer barriers in their university application and admission to top world universities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Hong Kong, China.

OSSD Requirements

30 credits (18 compulsory + 12 elective)

40 hours of community involvement activities

The provincial literacy requirement

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NOIC Academy (BSID 667013) has the COVID-19 plan approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education to provide in-person teaching or instruction for international students in the 2020-21 school year.



NOIC ACADEMY Unique and Globally Recognized Online/On-site OSSD program, Your Pathway to World-Class Universities

NOIC ACADEMY is fully licensed and accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education, our BSID number is 667013. On a biannual basis NOIC ACADEMY is inspected by an Ontario Ministry of Education representative. NOIC ACADEMY was very successful during our last inspection in August 2020 receiving high praise for our online OSSD Diploma course program. The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is recognized internationally as we have had numerous students who have successfully applied and been accepted to universities in Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong.

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Our NOIC ACADEMY strategies as a high school are unique and have proven to be very successful. We know there is a direct relationship between our approach to education and the increase in opportunities provided to students at the very highest ranked universities in the world. We have a 100% university acceptance rate.

As a unique private high school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, NOIC ACADEMY has a vast amount of experience in providing an education tailored to the needs of international students. Our education model is based on direct service and individualization. To support a student’s transition to a new country, new students are provided direct service and transportation from the moment they arrive at Toronto International Airport. During their trip from the airport to our residence students will begin to meet our friendly and competent staff. At residence, students are provided an individual room in a safe and secure building. Students are transported each day via school bus to our school building at 50 Featherstone Avenue in Markham, Ontario, then home each day to the residence. Our residence has full time staff, and is monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by security staff.

Earn Your OSSD Credits and OSSD Diploma Online through NOIC ACADEMY Online OSSD Program

The NOIC ACADEMY Online OSSD program is globally recognized and provides our students with small class sizes, 32 hours of live teaching for every 8-week course, certified and experienced Ontario teachers, and an outstanding platform to serve and support students in completing their courses.

The NOIC ACADEMY Ontario Secondary School Diploma courses are taught by teachers who are certified and licensed in the province of Ontario. Each teacher is a subject specialist in their area of study with a postgraduate degree. For students who require language test preparation, it is delivered by a team of skilled bilingual mentors who are highly educated and qualified. As required, the mentors provide small class language tutoring and one on one university application guidance counselling. All students are assigned one or two mentors throughout the duration of their academic life at NOIC ACADEMY.

Our mentors play a key role with our international students. Mentors assist students with their credit course selection and by facilitating direct communication between students and credit course teachers. For example, if the mentor discovers that a student requires more help in a particular area of their studies, they will provide feedback to the credit course teachers who will supplement students’ studies and provide extra lessons and individual practice. Our credit course teachers and our mentors work in tandem to support and accommodate our students. They complement each other and assist students throughout this transition period of their academic studies and their life in Canada.

Partnership with Mirsal Education and Training Institute

Mirsal Education & Training Institute is an educational establishment that is focused on providing your children with specialized guidance to help them excel in their academic future.

Our strong network of schools and universities worldwide, years of first-hand experience in admissions-related processes, and ability to go above and beyond to help your children set us apart in our field.

We are not here to simply help students in only one stage of their life, but to help them in every aspect that leads to their success.

We offer consultancy in:

  • College Admissions
  • Abroad Highschool Enrollment
  • Career Planning

Not studying in the “right” education system can sometimes hinder and complicate your child’s transition from high school to university, which is why we also aid in the enrollment of students in high schools in Canada to strengthen their foundation and educational background to prevent the arise of such complications.

In addition to this, we help students discover, apply, and get accepted into their dream universities on every major continent in the world. Many recent graduates tend to face uncertainties and doubts when it comes to their careers, which is also why we offer consultancy in career planning to help them realize their professional goals and achieve them.

Children are the future and we can help them get there.

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