Posted 7 months ago

NOIC ACADEMY provides comprehensive, one-stop and individualized VIP teaching service. We offer a variety of integrated services, such as secondary credit courses, IELTS/TOEFL preparation, university application counselling, and extracurricular activities. NOIC Academy frequently invites prominent figures from various fields in North America to speak on the opportunities and challenges within their respective domains. These presentations help guide students in making informed choices about their future university programs, planning their careers in advance, broadening their international perspectives, and motivating them to work harder in their studies.


NOIC ACADEMY provides a unique VIP language training program and university application counseling service. The responsibilities of this Guidance Counselor/ TOEFL IELTS Instructor’s role include:

  • Language Training
  • University Application Counseling
  • Parental Communication

Basic Requirements:

  • Masters’ degree in English, Education, Management or a related field
  • High achievers in IELTS or TOEFL test
  • IELTS/ TOEFL Teaching experience preferred
  • Must be fluent in Mandarin (both writing and speaking), and English

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