2020 NOIC Academy Graduation Ceremony

Amazing high school graduation ceremony ever in Ontario. Congrats to all Class of 2020 graduates from NOIC Academy!

IB Five-Year Programme Evaluation Success!

We are delighted to announce that NOIC ACADEMY received an evaluation report from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).  NOIC Academy has successfully passed its first ‘Five-Year Programme Evaluation’. In 2015 we have been authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Program and have been a designated IB World School. NOIC Academy offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

We are proud to announce that we will continue to be authorized to offer the IBDP programme.  According to our evaluation report, there are no ‘matters to be addressed’. The report highly commends the school for taking proactive measures to implement IB learning methods, fostering an international perspective, and supporting the implementation of IBDP in all aspects. The results are extremely positive, and reflect well on our learning community. This IB Evaluation Report is indicative of the hard work, talent and professionalism of all NOIC faculty and staff.

In order to ensure the operational quality of IB World Schools, each IB World School is regularly evaluated to ensure that the standards and practices of its IB programme(s) are being maintained. Evaluation takes place at least once every five years. The evaluation processes include preparation and submission of a large number of self-study materials, review and evaluation of NOIC Academy by the IBO evaluation team, and final reporting.

The report successfully identifies many of our strengths and accomplishments. It provides us with some useful recommendations to help us further focus on the growth and development of our school as we move into our next phase of development, review and action planning. We have been conscientious and consistent and will continue to be committed to developing and implementing the IBDP programme which has unique academic rigour and an emphasis on students’ personal development.

COVID-19 Update

NOIC Academy is uniquely positioned to offer seamless and continuous education every day, online, face to face for the full and complete required hours to fulfill a 110-hour Ontario Secondary School Diploma credit. We have been doing online education (eLearning) for 3 years and we successfully moved our entire school to this model for education as soon as the health emergency orders we put in place.

As the emergency measures were announced NOIC Academy immediately shifted from a face to face model in our school at 50 Featherstone Avenue to eLearning through our unique online software. Students are able to see each other, and our teachers and students engage with numerous online tools, very similar to a “real” classroom experience.

In June 2020 we had 137 graduates who experienced full time online education. For our July 2020 courses and into the September 2020 term we will continue to offer this very successful model. Students at the senior level will be able to achieve 10 credits over 11 months online and face to face.

Each week we conduct online virtual professional development sessions outside of our structured class time. Teachers have been trained in our online platform, the numerous tools available for teaching and instruction, and coaching and support to ensure the integrity of our assessments and evaluations.

As an example, for our tests and exams, we have implemented a lockdown browser to ensure the integrity of our tests, and our exams. Further, we have used the support of our online mentors to further monitor student tests and exams. Finally, NOIC Academy has implemented fun and dynamic weekly online games and activities for our students during this time of the health crisis for student interest and fun. NOIC Academy hosted an incredible Graduation ceremony for our students that has been shared widely with thousands of views. The video is available online for the graduates and their families and will be available for them in the years to come.

NOIC Christmas Party 2019

On December 20, 2019, the most anticipated event of the year-NOIC Academy’s Christmas Party-made its debut in the new campus’ gymnasium.

University of Toronto Admission Officer in NOIC: Admission Policies Interpreted

University of Toronto (henceforth U of T) Admission Officer, Mr. Gowthaman Chelvarajah, visited NOIC Academy on Nov. 20th. During his visit, Mr. Chelvarajah set up a U of T recruitment workshop in the gym, inviting all members of the NOIC community to learn about the latest updates on its admission policies.

In this workshop, all the important information and policies regarding admissions were taken apart and introduced piece by piece to the students. There were several rounds of interesting and in-depth discussions between the students and the admission officer, as he covered topics ranging from the city of Toronto, UT’s three campuses, admission criteria and application procedures followed by a Q&A session.

NOIC Global R&D & Operation Center & New Campus Opening Ceremony

On October 9, 2019, the NOIC Academy Global R&D & Operation Center and the new campus grand opening ceremony were held at the gymnasium of NOIC’s new campus in Markham. Honourable guests were invited to join the teachers, students at NOIC to witness this historic event in the development of NOIC Academy.