NOIC Academy welcomes incoming principal Laura Green onboard; Thanks outgoing principal Timothy Yawney for his contribution.

Markham, Ontario – NOIC Academy is excited to welcome our new principal, Laura Green, who will be joining us starting this Monday. Ms. Green comes to us with 37 years of experience in education and has a strong background in international education. We believe that her expertise and leadership will be invaluable assets to our school community.

As we welcome Ms. Green, we would also like to express our gratitude to our outgoing principal, Timothy Yawney. Under his guidance, NOIC Academy has achieved numerous milestones. During his tenure, Mr. Yawney has overseen the implementation of a holistic online/offline hybrid education system that has resulted in a significant improvement in student academic achievement. He supported the inclusive and vibrant school community that NOIC Academy is known for; a place where all students feel welcome and supported. That support will be extended during the transition period, as Mr. Yawney will work with the school to ensuring all students, staff and community stakeholders are well cared for and set up for success.

We are deeply grateful for all that Mr. Yawney has done for our school and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

At the same time, we are thrilled to have Laura Green join us as our new principal. We believe that her experience, dedication, and passion for education will enable our school to continue to grow and thrive. We are confident that under her leadership, we will be able to continue to grow the success of our school.

Please join us in welcoming Laura Green and thanking Timothy Yawney for his contributions to our school.

Principal’s Bio

Laura Green began her career in education after graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics, minoring in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Education from The University of Western Ontario in 1986.

Ms. Green’s school leadership experience spans both internationally (Hong Kong) for her most recent 6 years and locally (Ontario) for more than a decade, all while gaining a diverse perspective on education and leadership. Laura has effectively worked with students, teachers, and parents from various cultural backgrounds, which has enriched her understanding of the importance of a global mindset in today’s interconnected world.

She has spearheaded capital investment projects and adeptly led strategic and systematic school reviews leading to outstanding student results and increased school standings. Laura’s focus on student success has broadened and increased the acceptance rate to highly respected international universities at every school she has led.

Joining the NOIC Academy community, Laura brings her dedication to promoting excellence in teaching and learning, embracing innovation and empowering the School’s dedicated team of educators and support staff to create an engaging and transformative educational journey for NOIC’s students, preparing them to be future leaders and global citizens.


In past three weeks, NOIC grade-12 students have been receiving “surprises” round by round. Offers from University of Toronto Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London, King’s College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Hong Kong, University of Manchester, Pennsylvania State University, and etc. have landed in NOIC. What a great achievement! Congrats to all students who have received those world top university offers!

The excellence of NOIC has never slow down its step……

Here are some of the offers we’d like to share with you:

1. Student Chen,

Materials engineering, University of Toronto,

2. Student Luo,

Computer Science,Mathematics and Statistics, University of Toronto,

3. Student Dai,

QS ranking #37,offer from King’s College London

4.Student Li,

QS ranking #6offer from Imperial College London

5.Student Li,

QS ranking #65,offer from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University


NOIC Academy 


2023 NOIC “World Culture Exhibition”

On March 9th, the “World culture” course taught by NOIC credit course teacher Melissa held the annual end-of-semester project display event, the 2023 NOIC “World Culture Exhibition”. This exhibition brought together exquisite exhibits from Japan, South Korea, France and other countries and regions that the students worked hard to create. The works “gathering” there made the students and teachers who came to watch it so enjoyable. Now, let’s enjoy these works again!

NOIC’s “World culture” course is a popular OSSD credit course welcomed and ranked most favorite by students. With learning to look at the world with a broader lenses, students are able to have another perspective seeing this world.  We welcome more students to choose this OSSD exquisite course in the upcoming summer semester.


NOIC Academy 


Students embracing admissions to University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, King’s College London, and Durham University are coming. NOIC welcomes the 1st wave of university offers!

In the past three weeks, NOIC has been embracing the 1st wave of university admission letters that have arrived ahead of schedule. Many students were overjoyed, and some even shouted loudly “The summer vacation is coming!”. Among all the admission letters received, many of them are from several top universities in Canada, including University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Queen’s University, McMaster University and etc.

At the same time, many students also received offers from King’s College London, Durham University, and Birmingham University. As time goes by, NOIC will continue to receive more university admission letters. At this moment, let’s once again congratulate the students who have been admitted to the university in advance, congratulations!

Partial admission offers show out (Universities are ranked in no particular order)

Grade 12 student Charles

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Toronto Mississauga  – Commerce
  2. McMaster University – Math & Statistics Gateway($1,000 Scholarship)

Grade 12 student Liu

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Toronto St George – Humanities

Grade 12 student Jill

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Waterloo – Honours Arts and Business, Co-op
  2. McMaster University – Business($2,500 Scholarship)
  3. McMaster University – Math & Statistics Gateway

Grade 12 student Jason

Received admission letters from:

  1. McMaster University– Business($1,500 Scholarship)
  2. McMaster University– Math & Statistics Gateway
  3. McMaster University– Economics($1,500 Scholarship)

Grade 12 student Chris

Received admission letters from:

  1.  University of Waterloo – Honours Arts and Business

Grade 12 student Tim

Received admission letters from:

1. University of Toronto Scarborough – Mathematics

Grade 12 student Charlie

Received admission letters from:

1.  Queen’s University –

Applied Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering Stream 

Grade 12 student Bob

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Toronto Scarborough – Physical and Environmental Sciences 
  2. Western University -Sciences

Grade 12 student Sylvia

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Toronto Mississauga– Communication, Culture, Information and Technology 

Grade 12 student Eric

Received admission letters from:

  1.  King’s College London – History 

Grade 12 student Gavin

Received admission letters from:

  1. University of Toronto Scarborough – Social Sciences and Humanities 
  2. Queen’s University -Arts

Grade 12 student Zou

Received admission letters from:

  1. McMaster University–Social Sciences

Grade 12 student Zhang

Received admission letters from:

  1. Durham University – electrical engineering
  2. University of Birmingham – Engineering


NOIC Academy 


The admission officer from Huron University College came to NOIC to issue face-to-face university offers. NOIC Hats Competition live photo

1.      Face-to-face university offer issuing

On 16th February, the admission officer from Huron University College prepared four Western University-Huron university college admission letters and planned to issue them to four NOIC students face to face. It’s the 1st time university admission officer coming to NOIC campus to personally issue the offer after the Covid-19 pandemic!

Can’t wait to open the admission package!What an exciting moment!

Let’s congratulate these four NOIC students! What a success!

2. NOIC Hats Competition

On 6th February, NOIC’s annual Hats Competition was officially launched in the classroom of the credit course teacher Melissa. Students used their imaginations to proudly show out their crafted masterpiece in the event.

Four hats waiting to be scored

NOIC students have prepared story behind each work showed out

As leader of the evaluator team, Vice Principal Ms. Devi was carefully checking the evaluation form, so did the other mentor evaluators.

NOIC credit course teachers are also evaluating the work one by one!


NOIC Academy 


NOIC was invited to participate in three Lunar New Year celebration events organized by the Prime Minister of Canada, the Premier of Ontario and FCCM

1. Lunar New Year reception organized by the Prime Minister of Canada

On January 31, NOIC was invited to participate in the celebration of the Lunar New Year celebration event held by the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau at Parliament Hill in the capital Ottawa. This Lunar New Year special reception was hosted by MP Jean Yip, an “old friend” of NOIC

NOIC CEO & President Roy and NOIC VP Claire met with Canadian Minister of Housing and Multiculturalism Hussen, MP Jean Yip, International Trade Minister Mary Ng, MP Paul, MP Han, MP Shaun, MP Salma, the former trustee of York University in Canada, together with the Prime Minister of Canada, and celebrated this wonderful Lunar New Year moment with everyone at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Event video:

2. FCCM Lunar New Year event

On February 4th and 5th, NOIC participated in another Lunar New Year celebration event organized by FCCM. NOIC CEO & President Roy, the mayor of City of Markham Frank Scarpitti, Canadian MPs, Markham city councillor, and the organizer FCCM completed the traditional “Lion Dance Finishing Eyes” together, and appreciated the performances.  

Four MPs presenting the greeting letter from the Prime Minister of Canada

Mayor of City of Markham Frank Scarpitti presented a pop song

NOIC CEO & President Roy, delivered a New Year message to the audience

NOIC CEO & President Roy, with Canadian Minister of Housing and Multiculturalism Hussen and MP Jean Yip

3. Lunar New Year reception organized by the Premier of Ontario

On February 2, Ontario Premier Doug Ford held the 2023 Lunar New Year Reception in Toronto. NOIC CEO & President Roy, NOIC VP Claire, Ontario provincial members, Minister of Ontario, Chair of the board of Education in York region, and Co-Chairman of the advisory committee of the Toronto Police Service department participated together in this great New Year celebration event.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford expressed Lunar New Year congratulations to everyone at the event


NOIC Academy


32 NOIC student volunteers celebrated three 2023 Lunar New Year events

At the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, a total of 32 NOIC student volunteers participated in the three grand Lunar New Year events together with residents in the local community, NOIC CEO & President Roy, NOIC EVP Claire, NOIC Principal Timothy and other local government officials.

Jan.28th Lunar New Year Event

On January 28, many lovely citizens of City of Markham and VIP guests came to the NOIC campus to celebrate this 2023 Lunar New Year Event. 32 NOIC student volunteers assisted the event organizer in successfully completing the guest reception and on-site coordination of the event.

NOIC student volunteers are strictly following the rules from the event organizer. 

How to coordinate the lunch service for more than 250 participants is really a good question

VIP guests are intrigued by the performance

Group photo after the event

Everyone received delicious snacks from the organizer

To lead a way for event participants is one of the most frequent volunteer works on that day 

FCCM New Year Event

At the same time as the grand New Year’s event held in the NOIC campus gymnasium on the 28th, NOIC also participated in another event celebrating the 2023 Luna New Year in Markham, organized by FCCM, Toronto.

As a Diamond Sponsor, NOIC celebrated this New Year celebration with friends from the local community at the event.

Since NOIC moved to Markham, Toronto in the fall of 2019, City of Markham Mayor Frank has maintained a close and friendly relationship with NOIC, and it’s positive the cooperation between NOIC and City of Markham will get much more closer in the year of 2023.


NOIC Academy 


NOIC 2023 Lunar New Year Event

On January 20, all NOIC students, credit course teachers and staff participated in the 2023 Lunar New Year celebration in the campus gymnasium.

“Secret guest”congratulatory video, dumplings for lunch, exciting pinball games, calligraphy contest…… Everyone was having fun on that day.

Photos and video incoming!

Lunch time

New Year’s group lunch
Delicious dumplings
All NOIC mentors were personally serving the students at the event
Happy meal pick-up moment for NOIC credit course teacher Melissa!
The happy holiday atmosphere makes people feel warm!

Game time

Group basketball shooting
To find a way!”
Not easy for a group!
“Can you guess what I am describing?”
“What a skill for using the chopsticks”
“One of the most welcomed games!”
Students are having fun at the event.
NOIC credit course teacher Hassan:“I am about to show my talent!”
Another exciting game at the event
Calligraphy show time!
What a masterpiece from students!

Winner time

Good times are always short. According to the NOIC credit teacher’s score for each game, everyone finally cheered for the winner of the team game and the calligraphy contest!

Event video as below:


2022 NOIC Christmas Luncheon | HAPPY HOLIDAY


On December 21­st, the 2022 NOIC Christmas Luncheon was successfully held at the NOIC Gymnasium. This most anticipated Christmas event of the year ended perfectly with cheers and laughter. The Christmas event this year is the first offline event that NOIC students have participated since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic at the end of 2019. After nearly 3 years, the enthusiasm of all teachers, students and staff of NOIC was completely ignited in the campus gymnasium on the afternoon of the 21st…

Christmas Luncheon

A truly spectacular moment in the gymnasium!

NOIC’s credit course teachers are also very cute when they check on the Christmas dishes


NOIC Principal Timothy Yawney and Vice-Principal Ms. Devi are very interested in the pastries


Much curiosity about the Christmas gift here!

NOIC Principal Timothy Yawney told students never leave their eyes on the big screen when winners being drew!

01 NOIC credit course teachers on stage

02 Students are getting excited

We got 10 lucky winners!

03 Time for winners!

We got seven 3rd prize winners!

Three 1st to 3rd prize winners! Congrats!


With the festive greetings sent by NOIC President Roy to the students and all staff at the end of the event, this spectacular 2022 Christmas event has come to a successful ending. Merry Christmas to every one of you! 

Event video as below:


NOIC Academy 


NOIC student has achieved full IELTS scores. Admission letter from the University of Waterloo has officially arrived!

1. Two good news

Just recently, two NOIC Class of 2022 students received a sudden surprise. One of them, student Chen, achieved a full score of 9 in both reading and listening in IELTS and received a total average score of 8, while the other student Du has already received an early offer from a top Canadian university, an admission letter from the University of Waterloo, and the major is Honours Arts and Business, Co-op.

Student Chen was able to achieve full scores in both IELTS reading and listening in high school, which has already been far ahead of almost all international students in Canada. Frankly speaking, even for a Canadian-born local, it’s not easy to get a full score of 9 in IELTS listening and reading, not to mention it is quite challenging for an international student to get full score in such a global standardized language test.

At the same time, Student Du in NOIC has already received an early offer from the University of Waterloo at the end of November, an admission letter major in Honours Arts and Business (Co-op). Normally, the majority number of university offers are scheduled to be issued to applicants at the beginning of the year, while student who is able to obtain admission letter in such an early time is extremely lucky, specially receiving offer from one of the top Canadian universities. University of Waterloo has shown its full recognition and trust to NOIC and students in the school.

Let’s once again congratulate the above two NOIC students, we are proud of you for achieving such outstanding achievements!

2. NOIC embraced 22-23 winter term opening day

Last Friday, NOIC students gathered in the campus library to participate in the kick-off meeting for the new winter semester. Principal Timothy Yawney, together with vice Principal Ms. Devi and all NOIC credit course teachers, has joined the event.

As the prospective graduates of this year have begun to receive admission letters from top universities all around the world, we are here wishing all grade-12 students in NOIC will be able to receive offers from their favorite universities in the short future! Your dream will never be late, NOIC students!

NOIC Academy 2022.12.8