Notice:Changes to the Principal and the Advisory Board of NOIC Academy

Dear NOIC Community, 

We would like to thank you all for your consistent support and dedication to NOIC Academy. As per business needs, the Advisory Board of NOIC Academy decided that NOIC Management will undergo personnel changes as follows:

1. Mr. William Webster is stepping down as Principal of NOIC Academy after four years of service but will continue as an Advisor to the school community. The position will be taken over by Mr. Timothy Douglas Yawney, which was officially effective on January 21, 2019.

2. Mr. George Smitherman is stepping down as Chairman after eight years and is being replaced by Jeffrey Beard, former Director General of the IB.

3. Mr. Tony Little, a member of the newly added School Advisory Board, joined the team on November 1, 2018.

NOIC is committed to providing you with quality service, thank you for your continued cooperation and support!

The following is a brief introduction and message from the new Principal of NOIC Academy, Timothy Douglas Yawney.

Tim Yawney
Principal of NOIC Academy, B. Ed., M.Ed., OCT

Tim Yawney has eighteen years of educational leadership experience as a Department Head, Vice Principal, Principal and Assistant Superintendent of Education. Committed to educational leadership, he completed the Executive Leadership Program at University of Toronto Rotman School of Management and holds a Master of Education in Educational Leadership. Tim is a creator and builder of unique student programming. He has founded numerous curricular and extracurricular programs including a Global Learning Certificate program. He is a believer in the ability and potential of all students, passionate about student leadership and engagement, and an open-minded lifelong learner committed to a culture of academic excellence. 

A Message to NOIC Academy Students

Tim Yawney

It is an honor to be provided with the opportunity to lead NOIC Academy. Our dedicated school team plays a key role in the service and support of our students. At NOIC, our faculty, mentors, and staff work to empower, support and encourage our students to fulfill their potential in pursuit of their life goals.  We prepare our students to be leaders in their lives and in their communities beyond graduation.  

NOIC Academy is a school model designed for success. We have created a school environment that is both challenging and engaging, and a staff structure which provides continuous and multi-faceted support for our students. Our unique approach leads to success for our students allowing them to achieve their academic goals, to pursue the university of their choice, and to become proud NOIC alumni. 

This is an exciting time to be joining the NOIC school team and I am looking forward to the challenge. I believe in building and developing leadership skills, enhancing student achievement, maintaining a supportive and caring school culture, building positive relationships and planning strategically to create opportunities for our students as 21st century global citizens. Together we will shape our future.

The following is a brief introduction and message from Jeffrey Beard, the new Chairman of the NOIC Academy Advisory Board.

Jeffrey Beard
Chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory Board, the Director General of IBO (2006 -2014)

Jeffrey Beard is an innovative and results-oriented CEO with 22 years of international experience across six countries in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors. Mr. Beard was the Director General of the International Baccalaureate (IB) for eight years(Jan. 2006- Jan.2014) leading the not-for-profit educational organization as it grew into one of the fastest growing and most respected international education curricula across the world. Highly regarded by both governments and universities, the IB’s four programs, which emphasize critical thinking, project work and global-mindedness, are taught in almost 5000 schools across the world, with almost 1.5 million students registered each year.

Mr. Beard, a recognized leader in international education and with proven leadership and management ability, currently serves as the CEO of Education Innovation Associates Ltd, which provides consulting services for international schools and organizations.

A Message to NOIC Academy Students

 Jeffrey Beard

You are among the very few of today’s top students who have aimed high from a surprisingly early age. Aspirational teenagers, like you have made it their priority to reach their full potential in high school in preparation for the best university and career opportunities. Your parents’ choice of an international school education set this expectation for you from a very early age.

You all know that in today’s competitive and interconnected society, having not only the academic knowledge, but also the right language and life skills to succeed anywhere in the world will give you a competitive advantage. At NOIC Academy you will develop these skills. 

It’s true that the best and the brightest from around the world will increasingly find their way to the most desirable positions – be it the best degrees at the world’s finest universities, or the best jobs in the world’s leading organizations. Your commitment to meet the challenges of this new agenda is inspiring and should be commended. 

I’m pleased to be associated with NOIC Academy so that I can monitor your progress over time, and I look forward to seeing and speaking with you in the future. I’m proud of you! 

Good luck to you all!

Jeffrey R Beard

Chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory Board

NOIC Academy

January 23, 2019



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